A man who hacked a network camera cried out to the baby "get up!"

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Network cameraWhenever there is, you can easily see the things at the end of the camera anytime, take pictures, record movies, talk with someone who is at the end of the camera anytime, anywhere, so it is very easy for families with small children I will come in handy. However, in the state of Ohio in the United States, a network camera set at a certain couple's home was hacked, and there was a case in which a cry of a man called "baby! Get up!

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One day, Heather Schreck woke up in the middle of the night with a mysterious voice heard from Emily, her 10 - month - old daughter, in the bedroom that should be sleeping. When Heather immediately accessed the network camera installed in the baby 's bedroom with his smartphone, the camera was pointing in a direction which she did not remember, and furthermore, "get up, baby! Get up! A bullshit voice of a man who has never heard of "Baby!" Has come to be heard.

Heather wakes up her husband Adam immediately and heads to the bedroom of the baby. When Adam entered the baby's bedroom, the camera suddenly turned toward him, and a mysterious man who hacked the camera began shouting obscene words, so Adam sent a log of hacker's IP address and traces together I immediately unplug the camera without knowing that it would disappear. In addition, the network camera that Heather's house had been usingFoscamIt seems that it was the latest model made by.

Emma's appearance from a network camera looks like this.

This sounds like a very strange event, but in August 2013 Foscam's network cameras were hacked in the same way and the couple's 2-year-old baby living in Houston was called "slanderous woman"Case occursdoing.


Shape SecurityAccording to Sergey Shekyan, who is investigating network cameras while working in, these incidents are not surprising at all.

In the spring of 2013, Sergey announces his research result that with his colleague Artem Harutyunyan, network cameras connected to the Internet are easily hacked and contain security shortcomings. Foscam distributes urgent software patches in July 2013 after research is published, but general users do not seem to apply this patch so much,ForbesAccording to a survey of 46,000 Foscam network cameras, more than 40 thousand have neglected to update the system.

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After this report, Foscam sends a guide of the patch to the user registering as a member by e - mail, but most users do not register membership etc and it seems that they could not even send e - mails. About this, Sergey commented, "No one wants to spend time registering memberships, I do not do manual updates of software, Foscam needs to introduce a better security update method."

It is well known that Foscam products are vulnerable to security, but Foscam does not seem to have this problem alone, according to SergeyWansView·Tenvis·EasyN·INSTEONCompanies such as Foscam are using networking camera cloning software so they have similar security problems, said.


Through these network cameras, hackers can also look at the baby, steal e-mail addresses and network credentials, and even use malicious software to attack devices in the same network, Sergey I am warning.

There is no doubt that it is most safe not to use a network camera, but if you absolutely want to use a network camera, it is recommended to keep the following four.

· Keep security up to date
· Change Wi-Fi and camera user name and password from the initial state
· Do not use those passwords with other services
· Provided by network camera makersDynamic DNSDo not use services

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