Cloud storage "Streem" OK cloth storage is wanted for beta tester no matter how much data is stored and free because capacity is unlimited for free

By reducing the data size with its own deduplication system and file compression method, cloud storage service that all users can save files without concern for the capacity is "Streem"is.

Streem - Unlimited Cloud Storage

Streem is a cloud storage service that can be used from PCs and smartphones, and interfaces are integrated so that there is no major change in how to use from any terminal, so users can use the service seamlessly. Also, unlike other cloud services Streem does not need to store file data on the device, all files are safely stored on the Streem server, and when browsing the file, each terminal It will be delivered to.

Such Streem is now looking for a beta tester, and if you become a beta tester you can use cloud storage like a dream that capacity is unlimited.

If you want to become a beta tester, enter your e-mail address in the text box on the top page and click "Sign Up".

Then this is the screen, you can see that 5341 users are currently waiting for registration.

Subsequently, when opening the entered mail address, the authentication mail has arrived, so click on the link in this mail. By completing the registration work, I just wait for it to be usable ... ....

Also, after authentication you will receive this email from Streem. If you share a link in the red frame of this email and another user signs up to beta test from here, the beta version will be available sooner.

Streem can use free capacity unlimited cloud storage for one month after the battle testing period,If you want to keep using unlimited capacity after that you need to pay 20 dollars a month (about 2000 yen)And users who participated in the beta test will be cheaper to use. If you want to continue using storage as free users after the official release of the service, it seems that you can use 20 GB capacity.

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