"Smart Highway" where the line drawn on the road lights up will be showcased for the first time in the Netherlands

Due to popularization of LED lighting, I think that some people have encountered places that are very bright and easy to run even though they are running on highways at night, but in the Netherlands they emit light to light in the NetherlandsPhosphorescenceA road that emits light itself by paint has appeared. In the future there is also a plan to spread this road all around the world.

Studio Roosegaarde - Smart Highway

Glow-in-the-dark roads make debut in Netherlands

Tweets that actually shoot the line shining are here. You can see that three lines slightly different in color shine like a gradation. The paint that draws lines is mixed with a paint that has a light storing component that stores light energy.

And here is the image diagram when the glow line actually operated. Although it is not as bright as a streetlight, you can see how it emerges vaguely in the dark and illuminating the direction of travel of the road. Although it is difficult to see the center line and side line when rain is falling, visibility is likely to be improved if this is done.

In the local coverage that conveyed the situation, it is expressed as "It is as if you are running in a fairy tale", so you can know how it was a drive that has never been before.

"Het lijkt also fje door een sprookjesbos rijdt" - NOS Nieuws

Designed this shiny line is led by designer Daan RoosegaardeStudio RoosegaardeIn fact, the construction of the road construction industryHeijmansThe company has made tags and the project has progressed. Located in the southern part of the Netherlands that is set upmaleIt is a section of a suburban road of 500 meters.

Roosegaarde who designed the design for this trial said, "When driving a road one day, despite the fact that a lot of money is poured on the road, no one is thinking about its design and its function I noticed that in the future I'm flying out of the world of computersRoute 66"I began to imagine about the future", the future "Smart HighwayI will tell you the form of.

In the future we talk about the prospect of spreading lighting lines on all roads, and smart highways with more functions will display snow crystals in response to a certain temperature as follows, What made the function to notify the driver of the danger of freezing ... ...

A road that uses the wind when the automobile passes through and generates electricity with countless windmills installed on the side roads ......

As electric vehicles pass over lanes, roads that can be charged while running can be thought of.

Although it is a "smart highway" where demonstration experiments have started, although it is only a section of 500 meters, there are many hurdles that must be exceeded in order to realize that. In addition to proceeding with the verification of the continuous emission time and the demonstration of the durability against wind and rain, Roosegaarde said that "the office that supervises the road is the biggest barrier". Adjustment including legal maintenance seems to be indispensable because it is greatly related to traffic safety, but I'd like to check with this eye as soon as possible about how effective it is.

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