A dice rolls out a luxurious sense of exuberance "Eternity Dice" came up Review

A dice is used as a manga or novel title as a symbol of "probability" or "accidentality", and used as a prop for desk play games or gaming to generate random numbers, and in most cases, six dice It is a cube with. This was made from scarce marble and lava stones all over the world "Eternity Dice"is. It is supposed to be a simple dice, but it has a luxurious feeling that ordinary dice does not have.

Eternity Dice - Prestige Edition by Escape Studios - Kickstarter

Eternity Dice arrived in such a pouch.

A large amount of dice that can not fit in the pouch is loose.

For the time being, I tried out all the dice from the pouch.

A dice is a cube of 16 mm on a side, and it has this size feeling when it comes into hand. You can easily understand that a dice is made of "stone" when it is in hand.

The surface of each die is well polished, which makes the dice shiny.

Also, since the edge part of the die is chamfered, it can be safely used with confidence.

This time we get 17 types and 27 dice in all. These dice are made of 17 kinds of marble and lava, etc. When dice are created, they are carefully hand-cut and polished one by one.

The dark blue dice on the left is Blue Quartz (blue quartz)Blue crystalIt is made by using marble called Azul Cielo (Azure Cielo) from Argentina. There are only two kinds of dice that has blue color in Eternity Dice.

White dice are made of two pure white marble, Bianco Sivec (Macedonia · Bianco · Sivetz) and Bianco Di Carrara (Bianco · Carara). However, it is almost impossible to visually judge which dice were made of which marble.

This is a dice with black marble called Portoro, with streaks like gold and silver veins seen here and there.

Two types of red dice are Rosso Francia (Rosso Francia) and Rosso Verona (Rosso Verona). These two types are red colored marble, Rosso Verona is a fossil of ammoniteBelemnightIt is marble composed of the excretions of.

Among the dice materials, the most common are those of black series. Besides Portoro, black dice such as Bardiglio imperiale · Vesuvian Lava (Lava stone of Vesuvius volcano) · Nero Marquina are slurried from the left.

This is a dice made from Italian traditional dark green marble Verde Alpi (Verde Alpi).

If you roll the dice with these, you will be able to feel a little gorgeous.

In addition, since we purchased more than five dice, a dice carved with expressions as a bonus, and a dice carved with "+" and "-" were sent together.

The dice carved with "+" and "-" are like this and nothing is carved on the second side.

A dice carved a facial expression is kore.

As dice rolls using various marble and lava stones all over the world, it looks gorgeous, but it is good just to use with a desk top game such as Sugoroku because it's just a dice roll, Even if it is decorated for use it is becoming a good dice.

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