I have eaten eggs of Sakurabi in "Kakeiyama on the beach" to eat right beside the fishing port

Suruga Bay, which overlooks Mt. Fuji, is a fishing ground for "Sakurabo" only here in Japan. It is Sakuraba that spring is only picked up for limited time from late October to late December in autumn but autumn is such cherry blossom at the Yui Harbor "Kake Saitama"ScouredIt was to be able to enjoy cooking such as such that I went to eat.

Enjoy Yuiba Port Fisher Cooperative

Arrived at Yuiba Port. Where I entered Yui Port side at the Yui fishing port intersection of National Highway No. 1Sakurabi MonumentBecause it is installed, you can easily find it.

Looking at Yuya Harbor inside from the entrance, it is like this. Many fishing boats are lined up on the shore, and the destination "Kake fried beach" is located around the position of the arrow beyond that.

The state of the shop looks like this. It was around 15 o'clock on Saturday that many visitors made a row.

There are tables alongside the quay, across the road in front of the shop.

On sunny days, it seems comfortable to dine at this table.

There is also a table seat with a roof, so you can choose either.

I will line up in order to order immediately. Various menus are listed on the wall of the shop, but popular items are already sold out. It seems that most of the weekend it will be this kind of situation.

Tofu and leek, and the menu called "Okigaridori" which was cooked with Sukiyaki taste was also sold out.

Looking inside the counter with a chilla, it looked like fried "kakiage" was lined up. If you are looking at it for a while, you can see how popular it is in the state that it is being carried next to next and being carried.

This time,Fisherman's Oki rice set(1000 yen) ordered. I decided to eat under the blue sky because it was awesome.

"Fishermen's Okudo Donburi" is packed with "Sakurabi pickled pickles" that the hunter himself pickled fresh sakurae at the end of fishing in homemade sauce. The color of a large amount of green onion and chopped nori is bright.

"Kakiage" fried with cherry blossoms and clothes alone is about 15 centimeters in diameter. Sakurabi's "beard" which seems to be part of the place seems to be fresh.

Miso soup with white miso flavor also follows the set.

First of all, we picked the pickles of Sakurabo and picked it up at once. From the cherry blossoms that you can eat whole whole with shells, the taste of fresh seafood is drifting. Rather, the level is "the flavor of seafood is coming". The flavor of sauce is added plus honor, it matches well with the sweetness of Sakura.

Sakonobu 's body like crystal clearly looks a bit like a sweet shrimp. If you eat it as a shell, you will feel a light crisp that you regard as "Kyukyukyutsu".

Good even if you eat with rice. Sweet sauce is soaked in, and rice advances. Sometimes the feeling of shell in the mouth as "chikri" is said to be unique if freshness.

And do not forget, fried Sakura. It is lightly fried with crispy.

One sacrifice. Slightly light texture, separate from onion with onions and burdocks. It is a refreshing toothy feel as if it feels like snacks. By being fried you can feel the fragrance of Sakurabi more.

Miso soup was sweet and easy seasoned like white miso. I found Sakuraba among them also.

There seems to be two kinds of ways to enjoy Ok rice bowl. Because there is a warm "pickled bowl soup" inside the shop, it is delicious to eat it from over the Okuda-don.

Vacation. At this time, it is a point to put it so that the soup takes a cherry blossom.

By doing so, heat enters the cherry blossoms, and the body solidifies white. When I tried it, it became firmly crunchy different from the previous one, and I was able to enjoy two kinds of texture.

By applying soup of kelp soup, I could taste the flavor like ochazuke.

It was also possible to purchase souvenirs such as raw, cooked deep-fried cherry blossoms, and "Sakurabi pickled pickles" at the direct sales place inside the premises.

As we said this weekend afternoon it was said that sold out products will continue. It seems that it is not uncommon to become a queue, so it is recommended to arrive at the shop early if there is a product of your choice.

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