Kentucky's New Drinking Sweet "Krushers" New Three New Fruits

Krushers (Crushers)Speaking of Kentucky's drinking sweets, it has been on sale since 2009 and it is the fifth year of this year. At the beginning of sale four kinds of sale including cookie & cream were made, but the menu changed from April 1 (Tue) and three new works besides cookie & cream were to line up. Everything was a bit new flavor, so I went to a shop and ate at once.

Three kinds of spring and summer new flavors appear in the cold drinking sweet "Krushers (crashers)" of a new texture! "Acai & Triple Berry", "Kiwi & Aloe", "Salti Sequercer" released on April 1

Arrived in Kentucky.

I found Krushers in the menu.

I found 3 kinds of new flavor. I will order it.

I made Krushers on a special machine and it took a while to get three to make it.

In waiting for less than 10 minutes, three Krushers arrived.

Krushers Acai & Triple Berry is an article that mixes Acai with three kinds of berries of Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, a blueberry has a feeling of collision.

The ice of Krushers is pretty fine.

The straw was thick.

Things like blueberry sauce are floating.

Three kinds of berry and Acai feel mixed complex acidity but the strongest feeling is the taste of blueberries, mixed with milky taste and good. Blueberries are contained in grains and sometimes lumps come up when you smoke with a straw. Sweetness is somewhat intense.

Krushers Kiwi & Aloe is a light green dish containing kiwifruit and aloe pulp.

Things like clear green jelly are floating.

The first thing I drink is the taste of kiwi fruit, the impression that it matches the base of Krushers of fancy milk taste. When I was smoking Krushers with a straw, there was a crispy texture of aloe and when you bite it was a texture like gummy or jelly.

Krushers Salti Seikwasar is a summer-style dish that adds Nata de Coco and Pine to sea salt and Sequercer juice from Okinawa Prefecture.

Things like orange jelly are floating.

When I tried drinking it seemed that the taste of salt was slightly felt, it was finished in Sikwasher's sourness, nata de coco and tropical taste of pine, but it was impression that there was little cohesion in the taste.

Krushers' Acai & Triple Berry · Kiwi & Aloe · Salty Siquiser's price is 350 yen including tax. A bit up and down recently the temperature is big above and below, but if it is a hot day it should be cool with Keane.

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