Birth of new career "Y! Mobile", WILLCOM and eAccess to Yahoo!'s

Although eAccess and WILLCOM merge on June 1, it became clear that Yahoo Japan acquired 99.68% of eAccess's shares from SOFTBANK at 324 billion yen on June 2, 2014 after the merger It was. By doing this, Yahoo!Y! MobileIt seems to start.

Y! Mobile ~ June 2014 Japan's first Internet career born ~ - Yahoo! JAPAN

Notice on Yahoo Japan Corporation Acquisition of shares of e · Access Co., Ltd. / Press Room - Yahoo Japan Corporation

About change of sub-subsidiary due to acquisition of shares of e · Access Co., Ltd. by our subsidiary (Yahoo Japan Corporation) | Corporate · IR | Softbank

【PDF file】Notice Concerning Acquisition of Shares of e · Access Corporation by Yahoo Japan Corporation

According to Yahoo! 's announcement, as a first "Internet career" in Japan, with the aim of further growing the Internet service by smart phones and tablets, "to deliver the fun and convenience that the Internet creates to everyone" In the concept, it will develop Japan 's first Internet carrier business "Y! Mobile".

Regarding the existing business, we will continue to provide PHS services provided by eAccess and WILLCOM, services for MVNO and ADSL wholesale in the future and will develop services that will satisfy customers, Please expect it by all means "and we are going to continue.

Also, on Twitter, a hash tag "# Y mobileIt is now possible to comment on Yahoo! by tweeting with it.

Local presentationAccording to "Since it is not MVNO format, it is possible to combine service plan, terminal, sales channel and network freely" "It is not the fourth carrier because it is the main communication of the Internet communication rather than the voice communication main" "The terminal is Android Center "and" preliminary installation of Yahoo! Official Applications are under consideration ", and details of the rate plans and new terminals (smart phones, tablets, etc.) will be decided by the start of June.

The state of the interview was as follows.

And the following will be a question and answer.

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