Tracking tags for iOS / Android that can prevent, track and detect lost matters "XY"

A tracking tag attached to a key or a wallet that is easy to lose, or belongings of a child that is troubled if you do not have it or a collar of a pet is "XY"is. If you inadvertently forget to put the tag attached, send an alert to the smartphone or even if the pet goes somewhere during the walk, you will be notified of the current location, so it will be easier to follow and discover.

XY - The secure iOS / Android Bluetooth tracking tag by XY - FindIt - Kickstarter

By attaching "XY", you can check how to prevent lost things and track and discover lost things from the following movies.

I am looking for a key alive before a woman leaves. Even if you put on a key ring so as not to lose it, you accidentally put it somewhere ... ... is common.

Such a key, a wallet, an MP3 player, a notebook PC, a pouch, a digital camera, a tablet, a backpack, a binder, a cat, a dog, a child, etc. are lost, and tags are attached to notify the smartphone, It is "XY" that you can locate the place from.

Just hold the smartphone over "XY" to register the tag.

Just by attaching registered XY to key ring etc, you can manage items.

I am dating at a cafe. A woman puts a key on the table.

Dating is over ......

The woman did not notice the misplacement of the key and left the cafe as it was.

However, since the key is equipped with XY, when the distance between the woman and XY gets away, a notice will be sent to the application of the smartphone "Here is here!"

In this way, even if you forget something inadvertently you can notice it soon.

Multiple XY can be registered in the application. If you register a lot, you do not seem to know which is which, but if you take a picture for each item and register it in association with XY ......

Since photos are displayed when you receive a notification or when you search for lost items, you can determine which XY belongs to which item.

XY isIBeaconYou can securely communicate with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth LE, you can secure not only for luggage but also for dogs and important children.

If the pet escaped from the gap of the door like this ... ...

You can go looking for points displayed on the map as a guide.

The pet will move around but if you send an alert with a picture to another XY user in the vicinity ... ...

It is also possible for the discovered user to help them.

......, an alert sounded from a buckwheat saying thank you.

While I was being distracted by the dog, I was about to get lost for my child.

The man returns home and takes out the package from the backpack, but the tablet seems to be missing.

If you leave the item without noticing the alert like this, start the application and tap the photo on the tablet.

The current location of the tablet is displayed on the map.

The map points to the house of a friend. When I tried calling a friend, "I forgot the tablet?" I was able to find it safely.

How to use XY is very easy with 2 steps just to attach it to items synchronized with smartphone.

In addition, XY has gathered 86,600 dollars (about 8,860 thousand yen), which is nearly twice the target amount at the time of article writing, and it is definitely commercialized. If you contribute 17 dollars (about 1730 yen) in Kickstarter's project, you can get one favorite XY out of 7 colors. You can get 3 XY packs of white, black and green with a contribution of 45 dollars (about 4580 yen), pack all 7 colors in 85 dollars (approx. 8650 yen), 10 for 10 dollars (about 11,000 yen) You can get "All you can eat pack" containing pieces of XY.

The seven colors that can be selected are as follows. The shipment of XY is planned around June 2014, and separately, for shipping outside the United States, shipping fee of 4 dollars (about 400 yen) for one XY and 10 dollars (about 1000 yen) for 3 or more Is required. The deadline for investment is Japan time by 13:00 on Monday, April 21, 2014.

XY - The secure iOS / Android Bluetooth tracking tag by XY - FindIt - Kickstarter

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