"Stick N Find" where you can manage key, pet, suitcase, etc. with Bluetooth and smartphone

It is attached to the key of a house that tends to lose or attached to the remote control, making it possible to manage places with accessories with smartphone using Bluetooth is "Stick N Find". It can be set not only for accessories but also for pet collars and children's shoes, etc. to be taught by alarms when they are out of the specified range, and it is also possible to reduce the risk of lost child.

StickNFind - Bluetooth Powered ultra small Location Stickers | Indiegogo

Details of the explanation and how to use are from the following movies.

The Stick N Find - YouTube

This is Stick N Find.

It is set like this.

The diameter is 24 mm, the thickness is 4.1 mm, the weight is 4.5 g and it is an ultra small device.

Peta put it on the back of the remote control.

Launch the application on the smartphone, fill in the ID and the name of the thing to search ... ....

Push the buzzer button.

Then the buzzer sounded and the Stick N Find glowed red.

I found a remote control properly even in the dark.

It can be attached to various objects as well as remote control. A car or house key.

Pet collar.

Children's shoes.

Backpacks and so on.

Built-in Bluetooth, can be managed with smartphone if it is within the range of about 30 m. When there is Stick N Find next to the smartphone, "1" on the screen is in front.

When a person with Stick N Find moves away, the position of "1" on the screen also changes.

It is also possible to manage multiple things simultaneously. For example, when specifying a range such as "2 to 7 m" for a remote control, "1 to 6 m" for a cat, etc., when an object goes outside the range or when it enters the range, an alarm is sounded You can also set up your app to inform owners.

Therefore, even if a child gets crazy about playing in the park and goes far away ......

It is possible to catch information right away.

Also, this time I installed Stick N Find on my suitcase.

Until now, when we received packages inside the airport, we had to wait until the suitcase stood still standing in front of the conveyor.

However, as the application will tell you when your suitcase comes near, you will be able to wait calmly at a remote place.

This is a unit that has been repeatedly developed and miniaturized.

Batteries are contained in the unit with the unit and can be easily replaced. The battery can be used for about 1 year as an average of 30 minutes a day.

In addition, you can use the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 or the Android 4.0 loaded model if you have a model.

Stick N Find is currently soliciting investment for commercialization. You can change the number of items you can get by the contribution amount, such as 2 sets with 35 dollars (about 2900 yen) investment, 4 sets with 65 dollars (about 5300 yen), 6 pieces with 90 dollars (about 7400 yen) . In the case of outside the United States, a shipping fee of 10 dollars (about 800 yen) for Canada and $ 15 (about 1200 yen) for other countries is required separately. The shipment is scheduled for March of 2013.

The deadline is local time on January 14, 2013.

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