"Apple does not make a television" that Jobs has revealed what it was talking about

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Apple is a feature for automobiles "CarPlayAlthough it announced, it is said that the company announcesProducts that customers must love, The voice that observes that it is the company's first "smart TV" iTV was well rooted. However, according to recently revealed information, it is clear that Steve Jobs had told us that he did not intend to enter smart TV before his life.

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This is a book that was just publishedHaunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs"The author, Yukari Iwatani Kane, revealed. According to the book, Apple announced the top 100 employees at a conference called "Top 100" every year, and set up a place to announce its strategy and new products. The members gathered on that occasion were forbidden to tell the outside about all information with mail, Twitter etc.

According to author Yukari Caine, Mr. Jobs sat down in front of everyone on the last day of Top 100 in 2010 and said, "Steve Jobs is sitting here, you are our employees, no matter how ridiculous it is I do not mind being rude, so please ask me anything "asking questions," One member asked "Is not Apple making a television?"

ByMartin Hajek

On the other hand, Mr. Jobs promptly answered "No" and said "The business of the TV is very bad, the cycle of replacement is very long and the profitability is unlikely to be low." This is in contrast to the company's iPhone series being replaced on average every two years and profitability is also very high contrasting the idea.

ByMartin Hajek

The leaders at the time heard this could not measure their true intention, some of them thought that it is a pose for wanting to say, "In reality it is going to make a television, but should not proceed to hasty" However, even though three years have passed since speaking, TV is not released yet, considering the fact that Apple TV is sold, it seems that Mr. Jobs' real intention was that it is not related to television .

Nonetheless, Mr. Jobs is also known to have changed his thinking in an early cycle,Kimiko changes his eyesIt is a person like itself, and in 2011, "I finally grasped what to do to make a very easy-to-use TVIt was also told that he was talking about. It seems that it can be said that the fact that the intention is to be touched even after about two and a half years since Mr. Jobs' death is itself telling of his charisma.

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