Domino · Pizza makes DVDs where pizza patterns float up to the smell after playback

When you watch a movie slowly at home, you will want delicious food and drinks but when you finish watching a movie with rented DVD, pizza floats on the label side of the DVD and releases it to the smell, reaction with temperature Domino Pizza performed an unusual advertisement using special inks to do.

Domino's - Pizza Disc (US) on Vimeo

Pizza of Azatsu is baked in domino · pizza kitchen.

What is "media using DVD born by cooperation with rental video store" ...?

Movie borrowed from rental video store "ArgoThere is a DVD of.

The package of the disc is printed with a special "thermal ink" that reacts with temperature.

Insert in the DVD deck.

The movie will be played normally. The temperature of the inside DVD is 18 degrees ......

It rose to 27 degrees when the endrol was flowing. I tried pressing the eject button ......

The black package of the DVD has changed, the pizza picture emerges, and the smell of delicious pizza is released.

On the disc is written a message saying "Were you able to enjoy the movie? Seeing while eating delicious domino pizza at the next movie at Azatsu."

While the temperature is low, the title of the movie is displayed with such a dark design like this ......

It was born by collaboration with rental video store that ink reacts and turns into pizza when it gets warm, it becomes advertisement that seems to be hungry.

Meanwhile, domino pizza rival "Pizza Hut" has published a movie of the concept table that allows you to choose the size of pizza and put topping with touch operation.

Pizza Hut + Chaotic Moon Studios Interactive Concept Table - YouTube

A couple looking happy to face the desk where the Pizza Hut logo was displayed.

When putting the iPhone on the desk, the iPhone was framed with a white line and displayed as "Welcome, Jeff".

When asked "Want to make a pizza?" "Touch" Get Started "and start making pizza.

First of all, pizza fabric is displayed, and you can pinch and make the size of pizza fabric bigger or smaller.

Once the size is decided, slide select the type of pizza fabric, such as normal or crispy.

You can paint on pizza fabric by dragging pizza sauce. It is also possible to make it half half and half.

Likewise cheese will also topping. If you want extra cheese, drag twice OK.

Next, I will put what I like from the ingredients displayed around me.

Men topple salami, but ...

I do not like women so much.

That's why salami will only topple half ... ...

The other settted in half by topping with pepper and onion.

You can also order side menus such as buffalo wing and dessert.

When you select all, touch the payment method displayed next to the iPhone and select it, the pizza order is completed.

After ordering I have thoroughly done that until the pizza arrives time is available to the game application as well. Although it is a concept table, there is no schedule for practical application, but it has become an idea that can be used also on tablets and smartphones.

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