Prosthesis "Cyborg · drummer" who got a third stick by robot technology

A born blind guitaristAwesome guitar playAnd the drummer who lost one hand by accident,Special made drum setBy developing that in the pastPerformance which is not inferiorYou can see as many examples as those who can take a handicap doing wonderful play, such as being possible. Using the currently developed robot arm, you may be using a third drum stick, which was not previously available, to show off even more.

Meet the world's first cyborg drummer | Dazed

Jason Burns, a drummer who lost ahead of her right elbow due to an accident two years ago, was aiming for a professional musician for a while but sometimes I could not hit the drum like a conventional one due to an accident I got it. Still he could not give up on the drum, Mr. Burns himself making a simple drum artificial hand using the spring and grasp the stick again.

Mr. Burns, who had been playing drums though not so clever as to be able to handle sticks, is a music school located in Atlanta, Georgia "Atlanta Institute of Music and MediaEntrance to the instructor Eric Sanders will be met. Mr. Sanders wrote Mr. Burns using his own artificial limbs for drumsGeorgia Institute of TechnologyI introduced to Professor Jill Weinberg of Professor Jim Weiberg, we decided to start making robot arms for drums using robot technology.

Here is the movie that contains the scene that Mr. Burns of "Cyborg · drummer" wearing the robot artificial guitar plays.

Cyborg drummer creates unique beats - YouTube

The stick attached to the tip of the robot arm moves and carve the cymbal's beat.

There are 2 sticks attached to the robot arm, and they are designed to move differently from each other. A drum roll called "ざ っ" is also an omission.

In normal, beat of fine hi-hat like carving with both hands, with just one hand.

Mr. Burns ticking the beat with the remaining arms and body according to the hi-hat where the chick and right hand carve.

A control board and a motor are installed at the end of the arm, and the movement of the stick is controlled. The robot arm has a sensor that senses the movement of the muscles of the arm that Mr. Burns used when hitting the drum and is programmed to reproduce the movement of the stick according to Mr. Burns' image.

Mr. Burns sessions with other musicians. He is a jazz drummer and uses "robot arm" to perform "4 berths" which turn solo play in units of 4 bars.

It seems that it is able to hit the drum freely though it is not like, like the original.

In the following movie, you can see the sight and interview that Professor Weinberg who created the robot arm is participating in the session.

Robotic Drumming Prosthesis - YouTube

Professor Weinberg who plays the piano at the back of the room

In addition to a sensor that senses the movement of the muscles, a microphone for sound collection is attached to the robot arm, and it is programmed to judge the play by listening to the surrounding sound. And that play is reproduced by the third stick.

It seems that playing like turning a tom while inserting a ghost note with the right hand is also possible.

Professor Weinberg said, "It is possible in the future that people who have lost a part of the body will be able to restore themselves, possibly allowing the robot arm to make better movements than before."

Mr. Burns says, "I have never thought of a robot that can hit drums, but I'm excitedly told that it will be realized soon."

With the evolving robot technology, not only will we recover the possibility of losing, but it will not be long before we can get even better play.

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