"Mozjpeg" that compresses JPEG images further by 10% to speed up page display

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Develop an encoder that can reduce the file size of JPEG images, while maintaining compatibility with many existing decodersMozjpegIt was announced that Mozilla to develop projects such as Firefox and Thunderbird started.

Introducing the 'mozjpeg' Project | Mozilla Research

JPEG is an image file format used since about 1992, and it was the image format most frequently used on the web for a very long time. And most of the pictures currently on the web are in JPEG format. The JPEG format has some degradation in image quality depending on the ratio of converting the original image and compressing it, and therefore it has wide compatibility not only with web browsers but also with many software and image display terminals I will.

In recent years, more images are being displayed on many websites, and it seems that images occupy most of network traffic (traffic volume and transfer amount) when reading pages Mozilla points out. Mozilla seems to have launched this project as it will allow more comfortable web browsing than current as long as these image sizes can be further reduced.

ReleasedMozjpeg version 1.0Has a feature called "jpgcrush", which is a Perl script written by Loren Merritt and used to reduce the size of JPEG images. It is possible to reduce the file size by lossless compression, and it can compress the existing JPEG image by about 2 - 10% on average.

The next goal of mozjpeg isTrellis quantizationImprovement of the encoding using, has become.

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