Sukiya lowered the beef bowl of rice from 280 yen to 270 yen, it turns out to turn cheaply even if the consumption tax rises

The house announced to change the price of the beef bowl after raising the consumption tax rate from April 1, 2014, but it became clear that it will decline for some reason.

About the price of beef bowl sashimi after raising the consumption tax rate | Sukiya

The selling price of beef bowl syrry is to be revised from the current consumption tax included 280 yen to after April 1 to 270 yen including consumption tax, the reason is as follows.

The beef bowl of the house I love now is supported as a national meal by consumers. As disposable income decreases along with the raise in the consumption tax rate, we continue to work hard in order to eat beef bowls of Sukiya in the future, we will offer it at a more affordable price as it is tasty I am willing to have it.

In addition, there are "stores with different prices (about 20 stores)", but as of the end of February 2014 there are 1980 stores, about 99% of the stores will go down .

Yoshinoya's beef bowl sashimi is280 yen, Matsuya's beef tenderness as well280 yenIt is the same as if you stay as it is, "Suki Sheng" menu will be cheaper by 10 yen for the favorite house, and this consumption tax rate will rise, but against the move that the price cut will be reversed, the other stores will Whether it comes up with countermeasures like that, it is a key issue.

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