Yoshinoya cut beef bowl for 80 yen

24 hours sales of beef bowl has been restored from March 20YoshinoyaHowever, thankfully for supporting Yoshinoya so far, I announced that I will carry out the 80 yen discount sale of beef bowl by inscribing it as "New Life Support Festival".

Details of the period and the target menu etc. are as follows.
(PDF file) Notice of Yoshinoya Spring Sale "New Life Support Festival"

The period is from April 2 (Wednesday) 10:00 to April 8 (Tue) until 20:00. All beef bowls will be reduced by 80 yen, so it will be as follows.

Naimori: 380 yen → 300 yen
Tai Sheng: 480 yen → 400 yen
Kawarimori: 630 yen → 550 yen

Also, it is quite nice feeling because it seems that beef salmon set meal and beef dish will be eligible for 80 yen discount.

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