A genuine mini specimen "Mini Museum" to carry dinosaur fossils of billions of years ago

Excavated fossils can be valuable clues that unlock the ancient mystery. Fossils of such valuable billions of years ago, fossils of dinosaurs, mammoth hair, insects in amber, meteorites from the universe, fragments of historic buildings etc can be carried in size to carry them, A genuine mini specimen compacted with resin "Mini Museum"is.

Mini Museum by Hans Fex - Kickstarter

Mr. Hands Fex, a producer with a pocket-sized genuine mini specimen "Mini Museum".

Dozens of kinds of fossils and minerals are solidified with resin.

Engraving letters into the resin poured into the mold, all the work is handmade.

A specimen of the Mini Museum cuts minerals into smaller pieces in this way.

Mr. Fox explains "Barrera meteorite" that he dropped in Venezuela in 1972 and killed a cow ... ...

It is said that fossils of corners of Dinosaur Triceratops are also included.

This is a piece of golden foil that covered Apollo 11's command module.

There is also a fossil of Hin of the dinosaur.

The Mini Museum consists of up to 33 specimens.

It is like this when placed next to the PC.

The size is S (11 kinds) is 5.08 cm × 7.62 cm × 2.54 cm, M (22 kinds) is 7.62 cm × 11.43 cm × 2.54 cm, L (33 kinds) is 10.16 cm × 12.7 cm × 2.54 cm , It is a size that none of the carrying is bothering us.

Fossils and ores contained as specimens are "the oldest material about 4.568 billion years ago", "Moon rock", "Mars meteorite", "Chelyabinsk meteorite"

"Killing (Barrera) meteorite", "Fossils containing cells of the first organism of about 3.34 billion years ago", "EoceneFragments of palm tree of Antarctic in the era "," shell of egg of dinosaur "

"The largest dinosaurDragon legs eyeOf the spine ","Hadrosaurus"Bone of Triceratops", "Teeth of Tyrannosaurus · Rex"

"Amber with insects about 4000-60 million years ago", "TsubasaWing bone ","K / Pg boundaryFossil of the Period "," Mammoth's Hair "

"Egyptian mummies wrapped around 350 BC", "Part of the London Bridge Stone", "Bank of Wales Fragment", "Fragments of golden rock"

"Abraham LincolnFragment of brick of house "," Sand of Waikiki in the 1950s "," Dracula castle (Vlad Tepes) Soil ","Tungusuka explosionFragments of trees that remained burned with "

"Titanic coal", "The first nuclear test in 1945 was generatedTrinitite"," Coomb of Mount EverestIcefallA part of the ladder that was installed in the ladder "," several kinds of ores around the ladder "

Collect valuable excavations from billions of years ago fossils to relatively recent ones, such as "Foil covering apollo 11 command module", "Human skull", "Human brain fossil" It is a small museum. However, as far as the producer knows, it is said that there is no problem, but in some countries it seems that it falls under import prohibited items.

You can get one S size (11 types) of "Mini Museum" by investing 99 dollars (about 10,000 yen) in the project of Kickstarter, M size (22 types) at 179 dollars (about 18,000 yen) , You can get L size (33 types) at $ 239 (about 24,400 yen). Shipping is planned around July 2014, and dispatch to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 20 (about 2000 yen). The deadline of investment is Japan time and it is 3:56 am on March 21, 2014.

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A portable museum "Mini Museum" Review that confines fossils of dinosaurs and parts of mummies in resin - GIGAZINE

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