A snake with a length of 16 meters or more and a weight of 300 kg is discovered

A huge snake with a body length of 16 meters or more and a weight of 300 kg has been discovered and seems to be talking about in China.

So farA snake swallowing a parrotYaSnake swallowing malteseAlthough it has introduced, if it is 16 meters, even human beings are likely to be swallowed.

Did anyone discover this snake safe?

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From Liaoning 140 years old Imperial Palace 16 Mr. Major excavation workers Death Existence Truth Beauty >> Small Selection of Sake Confucius> Mao Big Mun --- Experience Year

A 140 old snake on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

According to this article, it seems to have been revealed on August 4 that a huge snake with a body length of 16 meters or more was found in the New Taipei Autonomous Prefecture of Liaoning Province, China. This snake was found during the excavation work, the body length is 16.7 meters, the weight is 300 kg, and the age is estimated to be 140 years old.

This is a large snake with more than 16 meters discovered in China

According to the workers, when the excavation work was carried out with a shovel car at 5 am on August 4, I noticed that blood was mixed in the soil, so if you check in the vicinity, a gigantic snake will shed blood He seems to be lying. However, when a worker tried to close the soil around the snake, another serpent (smaller than the snake that was unknown but lying down) appeared and headed for workers, so the workers quickly escaped . After a while returning to the scene, he left a hurt serpent, and he heard that another serpent flushed.

After that experts seemed to treat the injured snake, but he said that he took a breath on the way to Beijing. According to experts, it seems that huge snakes often appear in wetlands, but it seems that the investigation is still under way now why it appeared bloody in places that are not wetlands.

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