Figures 1800 years ago found in Jerusalem

It is said that figurines (small statues) that were made in Jerusalem, which is a sacred place for several religions, were made 1800 years ago. According to archaeologists who excavated, figurines found were quite rare.

A picture of the statue is from the following.
1,800-year-old figurine found in Jerusalem - Science-

The statue was excavated from the ruins of the building which was presumed to have collapsed in the fourth to fifth century by the earthquake. In this ruins, it seems that other rare gold rings filled with pearls and good deposits such as more than 250 gold coins have been found.

Excavated figures.

It was made in the Roman Empire and it was carved 2 inches (about 5 cm) marble.

Almond-shaped eyes and bearded bearded sculptures have become sculptured busts, according to the Israeli Archeology Agency, the same statues have said that Israel has not been excavated so far.

Archaeologists carved athletes or boxers and he seems to believe that it was used as a weight (like paperweight).

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