How old is the brain's creative reach peak and breakthrough?


Although there is a story that life's turning point comes by some chance, there is a mechanism related to age and scientific talentNorthwestern UniversityofBenjamin JonesProfessor studied, "It turned out that the scientific and creative brain activity reached a peak between the ages of 35 and 40, and it will have a big breakthrough".

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Mr. Jones inferred from scientific achievements of past scientific achievement achievements, etc. "Scientific and creative brain activity reaches the peak between the ages of 35 and 40".

So I graphed the age at which the Nobel Prize winners and technical innovators from the 20th century left their contributions and examined how many of them were most successful at the age of their life cycle, as shown below The graph rose most from the late thirties to the forties.

When the same graph is classified as before 1935, 1935 to 1965, and after 1965, the peak of activity of the brain has some movement depending on the age, but as the brain approaches the present age, the brain becomes the most active, the aging progresses I will.

In addition, the following distinguishes scientists who won the Nobel prize between "theoretical system" and "experimental system", even classified according to the field of study by the same scientist as "chemistry", "pharmacology", "medical science" and graphed thing. The age of the award age differs depending on the field, the overall theoretical system is premature, the experimental system is slightly late. "The most important thing departs from the existing theoretical framework" Jones says

Einstein completed "Theory of Brownian Movement" and "Special Relativity Theory" at the age of 26 and Newton saw the apple falling at the age of 23, and the idea of ​​"law of gravitation attraction", "calculus", "optical" Heisenberg got between 23 and 25 years old "Matrix dynamics"Was proposed. Regarding music, Mozart is said to be a "premature genius", and in recent years Steve Jobs co-founded an Apple computer at the age of 21.

However, Einstein's largest contribution "General relativity"Was established in the latter half of the 30's, Copernicus announced the theory of the ground motion at the age of 60 in the thesis, the appearance of Apple's most successful product is that Jobs has over 40 generations, overall Looking at it, we have made a big contribution as older age. There are many great men who succeeded early in life, but there are many cases that have more success with age and many scientific breakthroughs, more than 93% awarded for over 26 years of age It is.

ByPedro Vera

Early mature genius tends to look at eyes, but it seems that more aged people can definitely draw experiences and derive logical results. Even if there is a time when you feel that you can not produce results as you think, it may be that a different way of thinking is born if you pass through the late 30s.

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