Music streaming service "Beats Music" that will pick the best songs depending on the mood and circumstances

Music streaming service in Japan is not very popular, but the biggest music streaming service overseasSpotifyButPreparing service deployment in JapanBut there are. Those streaming services compete for the number of songs that can be played and services, but it is recommended that you recommend songs that fit the user's situation and mood.Beats Music"is.

Beats Music | Online Music Streaming

When playing music with Beats Music, in addition to searching for songs by song name and artist name, it is also possible to play music suitable for conditions such as the situation the user is in, the mood, people who are in the same place, genre Is possible.

For example, if you want to enjoy soul music with your family while being drunk for a nostalgic feeling on a boat ......

Stevie WonderSong for my daughter "Is not She Lovely (cute Aisha)It will be played. This song filled with nostalgia used by harmonica seems to be said to be well suited to the situation.

Even after finishing playing one song, it will also play music with the songs that match the selected situation, which is an excellent point. It seems that you can also use it like having Beats Music select music at parties etc.

By registering favorite genres, artists and songs or following users who have similar preferences of music, Beats Music will be able to select music closer to each user's preference. This functionLast.fmIt seems to be said that it is close to the radio function in such as.

At Beats Music, online pops rock · hip hop · country · jazz ·Speed ​​Metal·Afrobeat· About 20 million songs including classics can be played.

Users can share playlists, and can also work with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The usage fee of Beats Music is $ 9.99 per month (about 1000 yen), and the annual amount is 119.88 dollars (about 12,000 yen) and it can use up to 3 devices with 1 account. Also, only for US mobile phone carrier "AT & T" users, "Family plan" can be used up to 10 devices with 5 accounts per month for 14.99 (about 1500 yen). In Japan, Sony'sMusic UnlimitedIs available for 980 yen per month including tax, and Spotify's premium members can download music for $ 9.99 per month (about 1000 yen). Unfortunately the provision in Japan is undecided so far.

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