Transformers / The Moon / The Holy War Machine The Insider and Mechanic Figures Summarized at the One Fest Site

"Fleet CollectionAndDanbo of "Yotsuba!"Cute character figures such asWonder Festival 2014 [Winter]There are many exhibits of robots and vehicles, such as figures that tickle the boy's mind, and it is also one of the charms that various mechanical figures from the old to the recent one were on display.

General boothMRDToEvangelion New Theatrical Version: QAppeared in "AAA Wunder"Was on display.

Tail wings like a long tail.

AAA Wunder was sold for one machine at 18,000 yen.

Prime 1 Studio, Inc.One of the most noticeable booths was the movie "Transformers / Darkside Moon"That appeared in"Optimus Prime"is.

The body of Optimus Prime is shiny.

The total length is about 60 cm.

The shields are carefully incorporated into details, and it seems that they will start moving at any time.

Next was "a beautiful night" was exhibited "The Moon"is.

A big crescent shaped chest.

This leg is like this.

Arms are growing from the crescent-shaped chest. The selling price of The Moon was 4000 yen.

The general booth's "嗚,", A game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360"Armored Core VAppeared in "VISO LG 664-2"Had been exhibited.

Body that is said to have considerably high defense power.

PSP game "2nd Super Robot War Z (Re-Season)"Original character of"The Holy Way Machine The In Insurance"Was exhibited from Wakamaruya.

A crown type unit called Sacred Crown Over is mounted around the body.

The selling price of the Holy War Machine The Inser was 30,000 yen.

SF robot animation work "Hero brutal express mitogain"of"Might Gain (SD version)"

A train is equipped on both shoulders.


Although it can not be seen from the front, it is also tightly designed to a fine face part. Might Gain (SD version), "Model dependence"It was exhibited at 7000 yen from.

"Ka"What was on sale was"Psycho Armor Government"of"Transformed Government"is.

Transformed Government can be transformed into Baridaka.

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