Strategy to completely clear the game named life

"There is bitterness if it is comfortableAs there is a proverb, there are sometimes fun and sometimes painful in life. Taking such life as a game, a method for players to clearly clear the game,Oliver EmbertonHas compiled it.

Life is a game. This is your strategy guide

You may not be able to feel it, but real life is like a strategy game. A little fun event such as dance and drive is like a mini game that you can play in a game named life and you need to manage the player's own resources firmly to successfully clear the game title, Oliver It says.

◆ Game Start
When starting the game, players can randomly assign their own characteristics and surrounding environment.

And it can not be "start the game at once" and for the first 15 years the game tutorial will continue. In the last 15 years in real life, we learn what will become the foundation of the life afterwards, which is a very important period "a period that can never be blown".

◆ Early in the game
Players who successfully completed the tutorial are 15 and 6 years old in their life. It has a lot of time and energy at this time, but since there is no experience value at all, the items such as getting a job or finding a partner in life are in a locked state.

So Oliver says that this time is a time to polish the skills of players anyway. There is no such thing that such a lot of time and energy are present all the time other than this time, so you need to wear appropriate skills to Don Dong. Also, everything that you experience at this time will greatly affect player status and skills.

Perhaps you can think of "You only need to master excellent skills!", But the problem is that the player does not always know what to do and that the player's body moves according to the command It is not limited.

◆ How to move the player according to the command
Even though you think with "heading to the gym!" With your head, your body may not move. This is not a bug anything. All players have status and no one can see it directly. However, as shown in the image below, the status of the player increases and decreases repeatedly for each item.

If one of the player's status is significantly reduced, the body will not obey the command of the player. This is the same as not being able to act as it is thought with a head as "to study" when you are exhausted and hungry.

Besides the player's condition, "Will Power" is also one of the important status to move the player as commanded. "Will power" gradually decays over the course of a day, recovering a little by eating, completely restoring if you sleep well in the evening. If your "will" is declining, you will only be able to do what you really want. Also, as the player decides to make something, "willingness" will be consumed, so when you endure saying "I want to watch TV", for example, many "will" will be consumed I will.

In order for a player to acquire appropriate skills during a game, it is necessary to move the player according to the command, that is, it is necessary to go along with "will" well. The method is as follows.

1: Keep your status high
If you get tired out of hunger or you are robbed of pleasure, the player's "will" will decline significantly. In order to always make the right decision, the body moves according to the command as long as care is taken to keep himself well and maintain high "will" power.

2: Do not use many "wills" at once
If everyday life like demanding many "wills" continues, it is an effective way to incorporate days that do not use "will" power for only a day.

3: First process the most important task
By processing the most important task first, the subsequent task may be a little hard, but I will be able to do my best with the most important tasks.

4: Reduce room to select
If you have temptation in the surroundings, such as "I'm studying while watching TV ... ..." etc, I will use useless "will" power. So it is one of hands to avoid deleting unnecessary options as much as possible and not to use "will" in unnecessary places.

Oliver says, "To play the game named life is important to balance the priority between yourself and the body's status".

◆ Choose the right action
It is very important to choose the right behavior at the right time. Several actions also have a big influence on the player's status.

For example, if you take "something to eat" behavior, energy increases and hunger decreases.

In order for players to maintain their "will" ability high, it is necessary to allocate their own time to a healthy status (secure a firm sleeping time and eat). And if it is time to master the skills that you want to grow your remaining time, you can learn skills efficiently.

However, each skill has its own learning time and its value disjointed. If you acquire good skills, you can also step up the way as shown in the image below.

However, it is necessary to be careful as it will hit the unknown skill like 'Bounce the ball at the knee'.

Since it is very difficult to master one skill, combining multiple skills is an effective way to utilize skills by acquiring a lot of related skills.

For example, business + trust + psychology = entrepreneur

Cook + Dance + Psychology = Mote

The author writes that "Psychology helps players make themselves attractive both in terms of business and living, so learn and have no loss."

The surrounding environment
The surrounding environment of the player also influences the level up of the status skill. Although you can play games anywhere, if you have a female player in the "place where a woman receives unfair treatment" it will be overwhelmingly more disadvantageous than a female player playing elsewhere, And Oliver.

Who and where to be born is a "game specification" and it is a part that can not be decided, so check the options you can choose firmly and move as soon as you do not like it as a playing environment, like a hand is.

◆ Find a partner
In most cases, the play contents of the previous players will lead to their charm. Oliver says that if there are players with excellent status and high skill, that player will probably be attractive. On the contrary, if a player who is exhausted, has short temper, has only immature skills, he will not feel appeal almost.

80% of the attractiveness of the player is decided by what kind of time took time and the remaining 20% ​​is formed by the surrounding environment.

◆ money money
In the second half of the game, players will have to manage money. The rule to remember most in this money management is "do not borrow money". For example, education and mortgage can be beneficial, but how to use such as borrowing money to buy new shoes is said to be outrageous.

Depending on how much money the player wants to earn, the strategy to be taken seems to be divided into the following three.

1: I am not very interested in money
Living in proportion to each other, keep saving a certain amount in case of a moment.

2; wealth
To gain skills worth it, you need to invest a lot of time for skill acquisition. However, you also need to be careful not to make your status dangerous.

3: Very wealthy
Please start your business yourself.

Old age
When married and a child is born, the time and energy of the player will decrease gradually. And a lot of random elements like "you need to change your child's diaper urgently" will soak into the game. In this way, it is very difficult for players to train themselves.

Most players are said to die on play time 29,000 days or 80 years, there are no tricks or bugs to further extend this. Depending on what we have played so far, the player's final moment is formed. So, Oliver wrote that the strategy of "How to play" is very important.

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