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There is a thing that motivation does not occur by all means or there are things to do but I can not concentrate easily and my eyes feel like it. It is difficult to control by myself "concentration"Alex Sexton, a programmer, introduces it on a blog with his own experiences.

The Productivity Cycle - Alex Sexton

◆ Caffeine is a zero sum game
Alex,Princeton UniversityAssistant Professor in Computer ScienceArvind NarayananDr. "How to calculate the concentration of caffeine intakeIt seems that she was very surprised to see it.

This is a graph of concentration of one day based on the calculation method created by Dr. Narayanan. Red is a graph showing the state of concentration when intake when caffeine is ingested when concentration increases, when green does not ingest caffeine and blue when intensively when concentration decreases.

Obtained by this calculationsine waveAlex is a very simplified one, but Mr. Alex himself also said that "I'm tired, I got better, I got hungry, I got hungry, I got better eating and I got better", the number of times the concentration ups and downs I also noticed from past experiences "to continue", I feel that this graph is not a mistake.

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As you can see from the graph, the "concentration" of the day is very similar to a sine wave with wavelength, period, amplitude, etc., the greater the amplitude the greater the concentration. However, as the concentration ability can be exerted, the recoil also increases, so the concentration of concentration will also increase. And in most cases, caffeine often drinks caffeine drinks such as coffee at the time the concentration of the day is decreasing, that is, when you feel drowsy and fatigue.

For construction workers and truck drivers, it is extremely dangerous to have concentration below a certain level. However, in the case of those involved in creative work, there are everyone "the timing of inspiration" and "the timing when thinking stops". For such people, it is absolutely more useful to take caffeine, which will greatly increase your ability to concentrate, rather than to prevent the concentration from declining, even if the concentration drops greatly due to reaction Alex says.

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Ingesting caffeine to increase your concentration ability is OK if you take caffeine about 30 minutes before your concentration ability increases. A few hours later, a reactionary strikes a lot of fatigue, but in that case you should do a little snooze, Alex.

◆ Save energy
Shiv of Stanford University wentExperimentSo, let's remember two figures in half of the subjects, seven numbers in the other half, and after walking around the hall, asking which one of the chocolate cake and the fruit salad is wanted. As a result of this experiment, students who remembered seven figures said they wanted chocolate cake with 50% higher probability than students who did not.

ByMathieu Marquer

Why is it such a result? In short, "Because the human mental energy is limited". Alex says, because students who remembered seven figures used their mental energy to memorize numbers and did not turn their heads to "avoiding high-calorie chocolate cakes".

Prefrontal cortexNot only is it responsible for "concentration", it is also used to control short-term memory, abstract problem solving, self-control and so on. The result of chocolate cake experiments suggests that the energy source of the prefrontal cortex is finite and suggests that if you use that energy in one thing, other functions will be affected.

ByBrian Talbot

It is necessary to use this mental energy explosively in order to raise concentration ability and to perform creative work and in such a case like the "concentration cycle", it is necessary to firmly I need to take a break. According to the study, it seems that a nap is effective for this "break".

It is not clear what type of break is the best, but in order to work the prefrontal cortex at full power, it is necessary to take a break and charge the brain with energy anyway.

ByDaniel Stark

◆ How to take caffeine
Caffeine is a sleeping substanceAdenosineBlocked to suppress drowsiness, "The body will get used to regular caffeine intake in about a few weeks."

If you do not ingest caffeine, it means that adenosine will be normal in 5 days, so if you regularly take caffeine for 3 weeks, it is better to avoid taking caffeine in the next week, Alex Says. I also warn you that you should avoid occasional caffeine intake.


◆ Break
He thinks that his / her motivation and passion levels are in a cycle like "concentration cycle" every day. Although he has been keen on his work for the past few years and has been away from his hobby for a while, but his own experience that he wanted to go home just because he wanted to watch TV at home several years ago It seems to be the source.

Since there is a time when motivation inevitably decreases, we say that it is the first time to take a rest as slowly as to take energy in the prefrontal cortex at such a time.


"A businessman who can not easily take a break is recommended to use a vacation allowance at the time when motivation does not come out," Alex says.

Also, if a company has a sufficiently large team, it is good to have two choices of employment forms. This is to give employees who have a high motivation a large project and give a small break to teams after doing big projects by giving flexibility in time to go out and returning to work.

In other words, it is important to give timings that you can take a little care and laziness.

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◆ Do what I want to do
When I feel like doing programming, Alex says that there is a case that you encounter programming until you ignore a project that you have to do, and you may be hit by fulfillment.

In this way, if you do what you want to do when you want to do it will motivate you for what you should do.


◆ division
It is best to be able to demonstrate maximum power at any time, but by all means there is a difference in motivation and concentration. As Alex has read various studies on sleep so far, it seems to me that I know the cause of delaying the period during which concentration is decreasing, but I do not know how to always get the best out of it, it is an obscure pattern.

Alex says that when he / she does not get motivated, he simply thinks "If this trial ends soon ...".


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