The back side of the stylish evolution of a new robocops suit is like this

RoboCop which resurrected beyond the time of 27 years is a movie "RobocopWas made public on March 14, 2014, on February 3 it was held at Shibamata Teikokuten in Katsushika Ward, TokyoParticipated in Katsushika / Kameari police station co-bean sowing eventThen, I showed off a newly reborn black Robocopse suit. I made that robocopsuit "Free corridorSo, how did the RoboCup suit have been made, showed the back side of it.

◆ Fitting

I came to the free corridor where I produced a robocopsuit. On this day, a work called "fitting" that adjusts the fine size will be done by having the actor wearing a robot suit suitably worn by an actor wear it.

There was a large workbench in the studio.

On the wall, the type of face that becomes the source of special makeup is decorated narrowly.

Desk side by side with Zlat. It seems that sometimes I do work here.

On the wall there are pictures of past art works of the free corridors which are active mainly in movies and television, and a picture of a big face is drawn, the atmosphere like a studio indeed.

After observing the studio all the way, I showed Robocop's suit in the middle of production.

Parts of the torso of Robocop's suit. It is said that urethane is used for the material.

The abdomen is finely designed.

Arm parts.

The foot part.

The helmet in production is made slightly larger in shape to fit the head of the actor wearing it.

Clay which is the material is said to make the thickness uniform.

For the part that covers the eyes of the helmet, attach a light that emits red to the transparent material and finish it to shine from the inside.

Next, the fitting that matches the size of the actor to ROBOKOP suits in production is started.

Clothed in a shape wearing the parts of the torso from above.

While checking the size of the actor's body, we will adjust fine errors.

I got clothed parts of the legs.

Hands and ...

Fitting completed after attaching neck parts.

With all parts attached, it looks like this. I do not feel that it is still Robocop like yet ... ...

Looking at the details, a cool and cool design unique to the robot is given.

Take a pistol made of paper pattern on the left side and check the suit wearing comfort.

I bend and extend my arms to check the movable range.

According to Actor, it is said that it is a little difficult to move, but the completed shape seems to be softer. One week has passed since the production began at this stage. It is said that it will be finished in about two weeks, using reinforced plastics etc. after applying more detailed details from now.

◆ Final fitting

On this day, the final fitting of almost completed Robocopse suit was done. This is a part of the torso made of reinforced plastic, the color is also painted, and it is finished in what is completely different from last time.

The hands and feet are almost completed.

Like last time, clothes from feet.

Place the torso part on the actor from above.

Suit painted black. I felt that the volume of my chest was less than my last fitting.

Then attach a helmet ......

Hold the pistol on your right and a new rob cup is born. It is almost completed, and the texture which I felt during the last fitting was exactly expressed.

Robocop try walking like a robot. Afterwards it is completion when brushed up the details.

◆ Robocopsuit completed

Robocopp suit is finally completed after about a month's production period.

The finished suit no longer has the shoulder, the red light is embedded in the helmet, and RoboCop itself appears in the movie.

Completion form is stylish and smart appearance than Robocop at the time of publication in 1987.

The design of the back is made finely, and the texture of the metal is also expressed firmly.

A pistol fitted in a holster is also a perfect design for a suit. It took about a month from production start to completion.

The finished RoboCop Suit appeared at the Bean Maki event held on Shibamata Teishokuten on February 3, 2014, and you can see how Actor wears and moves actually from the following article.

RoboCop has changed his appearance for the first time in 27 years and resurrected, sprinkling beans with Shibamata Teishin, deviling demons - GIGAZINE

In addition, the movie "Robocop" which can enjoy the activity of RoboCop which resurrected for the first time in 27 years will be released from March 14th.

Robocop | Official site

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