DELL found out that it will dismiss 15,000 people worldwide during this week

ByVernon Chan

At the end of 2013Recruitment of hope for retirement on a global scaleDELL, who did the work, said it would dismiss 15,000 people during this week.

Private pain: Dell layoff bloodbath to hit over 15,000 staffers - insiders • The Register

By DELL's internal stakeholders, DELL has 15,000 employees worldwideLayoff (layoff)It is leaking that it is a policy to do. In Japan, "layoff" often refers to "temporary holiday measures" intended to reduce personnel expenses in order to restore performance, but layoffs in the high-tech industry in the United States is a phenomenon called "layoffs" It means,Reemployment is not supposedSpecial attention is needed. In other words, this time DELL is unlikely to say that an internal whistleblower expresses this as "mass slaughter" because it will dismiss a large number of employees due to poor performance.

DELL announced a partnership with Cumulus Networks, a major Linux-based network equipment sales company, due to the rapid deterioration of business results due to the delay in the mobile terminal market and the slump in the PC division. In the future, the company-related cloud · It shows a posture to focus on mobile business. This layoff covers personnel in departments that are unrelated to these corporate services, and for employees who have been dismissed, pay for two months, payment for 75% of paid bonuses, payment for 18 months It is expected that COBRA health insurance fee and career change support service will be given.

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