I tried 'Gachapin' Mook 'Mang' where Gachapin and Mucc became Chinese bowls

Speaking of FamilyMart,Hachibuchi Miku meatballYaSlime meatballWe will sell odd Chinese bread sometimes, but this timePonkikiesThe motif of Gachapin and Muc which is a popular character of "Gachapin"When"MuccWe released on February 4 (Tue). The appearance of green and red looks like a meat bean of Kiwamono but will stand up but it was said that it was finished in Chinese bean flavor of Chinja Rose and Hoikoroo, I bought courage and bought it.

[PDF] Ponki Kids' series characters are Chinese-style! "Gachapin man" and "Mukkan" are released!

At the Chinese food department, they appealed "Gachapin man" and "Mukkan" extensively.

Obviously I found Gachapin and Mukkan, a color different from ordinary Chinese food. Besides, Kin Bakuman also was placed next to it.

Gachapin and Mukkan who brought back are like this.

Gachapin manifests well the drowsy dentures and dentures of Gachapin. For coloringGardenia·Carotenoid· Coal-end pigment is used.

The face is very real.

Dorsal fin is also reproduced.

Chinese paper wrapping paper is original specification. "Gachapin" and "Mukkan" are items that Imuraya imports and sells from China.

First of all I will eat Gachapin.

Content is a slightly tempered chinjaolose.

Green leafy green leaves you feeling uneasy about the taste somehow, but when you eat it tastes like oyster sauce, it is very ordinary chinjaolose. As ingredients there is a little bit of pork, green pepper, bamboo shoots and so on, which makes it easy to enjoy the taste of Chinja Rose. Spicy was modest.

Mucc looks a little surprised.

Express a surprised expression by lifting his hand. For coloring caramel pigmentCochineal pigment· Using charcoal powder carotenoid.

The fan attached to the head is looking like a ribbon.

I was drunk here too.

The inside looks like this, you can see pork, cabbage, etc. that look like bacon.

When I try to eat it, it also tastes like miso and sugar bean sauce with a Chinese style flavor. Pork fat is less than Gachapin, it is easy to eat seasoned. Cabbage has become fluffy, but it felt sweet and it fits well with the flavor of Chinese style.

"Gachapin man" and "Muku man" are both limited-time sales and the price is 180 yen including tax. It makes me crisp for a while in the color of the leather, but it is safe Chinese-style when I try it. Although the price is higher than normal beef soup etc, people who care about what Gachapin and Mucc taste like may try challenging.

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