Presentation of the original Mac made by Jobs will be released for the first time beyond 30 years

January 24, 1984, Steve Jobs first appeared at Apple's annual shareholders' meeting held in Cupertino California "MacintoshAnnounced. A week later, Jobs said "Boston Computer SocietyAt the annual meeting of Macintosh, we are presenting Macintosh presentations and questions and answers to students who are purchasing members of Macintosh,Computer History MuseumHowever, the movie that shot the situation at that timeTIMEIt is open to the public.

Steve Jobs Unveils Mac at Boston Computer Society, Unseen Since 1984 |

The presentation that Jobs did at the annual meeting of Boston Computer Society can be confirmed from the following.

The venue is packed with people who gathered to see the Macintosh at first sight.

Jobs welcomed with a big applause at that time was 28 years old. Jobs said "In 1958, IBMXerographyWe have not taken over the acquisition of a new company that developed the new technology. Two years laterXeroxIs born, IBM will regret. And in 1977, Apple was the world's first personal computer "Apple II"IBM announced that it was too small to deal with important work, he was off the development of a personal computer," he said, starting a presentation with a sarcastic speech at IBM.

First of all, while introducing the presentation slide, we will introduce Macintosh product information and specifications.

"I introduced the Macintosh on a slide, but let's show off the real machine soon," Jiyuzu smiling and smiling.

Mr. Jobs begins opening a bag placed on the stage "All the contents of the slide I've shown so far are in this bag."

A Macintosh appeared from the bag, the audience applauded.

When Jobs inserted the floppy disk into the Macintosh, the movie began to flow on the screen.

"Macintosh insanely great!" (Macintosh incredibly the best!) Was displayed on the screen. After this presentation, Mr. Jobs prefer to use the expression "insanely great".

In the movie, mainly introduces the software installed in the Macintosh.

Word processing softwareMacWrite.

The Macintosh also had chess games.

This is a Macintosh manufacturing factory that more than 500 Macintosh machines were manufactured every day at the factory.

At the end of the presentation a question and answer session was held and from the Macintosh development teamBill · Atkinson,Steve Caps,Owen Densmore,Andy Hertzfeld,Bruce Horn,Randy Wigginton,Barrel SmithAnd so on.

During Q & A session,MacPaintWe used a software on the Macintosh and used a real explanation.

Andy Hertzfeld answered the audience's question was then 30 years old.

Jobs who was asked about high-quality printer answered "We are not a high-quality printer, I feel the future possibility of a laser printer" and repeatedly emphasizes that the resolution of the Macintosh is very high .

Macintosh presentation and Q & A session ended in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Macintosh is celebrating its 30th birthday in 2014, AppleEstablish special page. On the special page, a movie that summarizes from the original Mac "Macintosh" to "Mac Pro" the current model has been released.

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