Dress code · Prohibited act · "casino way of doing" summarizing casino terms etc. to obtain if you know

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Three parties of the Liberal Democratic Party, Restoration and Life submit a bill to the cabinet to ban the casino to the House of RepresentativesAs I said, casinos are rising in Japan, but there are still a lot of problems remaining to get casino lifts. So there is no casino yet in Japan, but when I go overseas casino I want to know "How to operate a casino"trip advisorHas published it as Infographics.

How to make a casino Visit the world with info graphics

◆ Main casino history
Let's learn from history first if you go to the casino.

The oldest casino in the world "Casino di Venezia"Was born in 1638.

The current casino di Venezia is like this, like Venice of the city of water, by ship to the entrance.

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And in the 18th century, casinos are gradually born in France, Germany, England etc. ... ....

Once in the 20th century casinos will be legalized in various places.

"MGM Grand Hotel and Casino" opened in Las Vegas in 1993, and in 2006, Macao is in the top area with casino revenue.

This is MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Anyway, although it is the size of a masterpiece, this is still the fourth largest casino area in the world.

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Then in 2013, a bill to release casinos from the LDP, Restoration and Life Party in Japan was submitted to the House of Representatives.

◆ Types of games
There are three kinds of games that you can play at the casino: game machines, table games, random games.

There are many types of table games, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps, large and small. In Las Vegas, the two largest cities driving the casino industry, Craps and Macau seem to be big and small in size.

◆ Dress code
The dress code varies greatly depending on the area of ​​the casino.

In Europe, men need jackets & neckties and must go to the casino with pretty formal attire. There seems to be a place to lend a jacket etc depending on the place.

Smart casual in Australia and South Pacific OK. In the case of men It is OK if you wear shirts with long collar, long pants, leather shoes, but jeans need to be careful because there are places of NG.

And in America and Asia there is no problem with casual clothes. However, it is better if you avoid clothes that are too rough such as beach sandals, shorts, tank tops, etc.

◆ Prohibited acts
The main prohibitions that should not be done at the casino are four photographs, camera shoot, bringing in a big baggage, giving cash directly to the dealer, smoking outside the designated area. It is unexpectedly becoming a non-smoker friendly environment that the casino of full smoking cessation is also increasing.

◆ Casino term you want to know
The casino terms you want to know are dealers ("parents" in card games and roulette), minimum bets (lowest premiums), players cards (members 'cards of casinos), comps (customers' There are six cocktail waitresses (women who provide free drinks in the casino) and high rollers (supermarkets that use a large amount of money).

◆ Age restriction
The casino age limit also differs from region to region, and it is banned under 21 years in the US and Southeast Asia, banned under the age of 19 in Korea, and banned under the age of 18 in Europe and Australia.

◆ Basic flow
Let's go to the casino after learning a variety of manners. The basic flow in the casino is as follows.

First of all we entered the casino. Age confirmation and nationality confirmation are done by passport, and there is also check of dress code and luggage. After the kore is over, if the entrance fee is necessary for the casino, we have paid at the entrance and entered.

In order to play the game in the future, you need to change the cash into chips. In the case of gaming machines, there are many places where cash can be used.

When you move to the table or machine of the game you want to play, it's time to win! in my heart"God ... bless me ...!"If you pray that it is OK.

When play is over, we change the chip at hand to cash at the exchange place.

◆ Trends in casinos and markets around the world & sales of casinos
And lastly, a pie chart showing the trends of the casino and the world in the world and a bar graph showing the sales of the casinos in various places. According to Korea, the casino market in the Asia-Pacific region is growing sharply in the five years from 2010 to 2015 expectation, and it can be seen that Macau will be the world leader in sales of casino in 2015. If the casino concept in Japan is realized, sales in 2015 are estimated at about 784 million dollars (about 82 billion yen).

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