I tried a canned "Tatori gift" of a charcoal fire-fighting quail containing quail eggs

Baked domestic poultry with charcoal fire, combined with thick and sweet soy sauce sauce "Hot Foods" Yakitori Taste "with quail eggs"Toritama taste"is. I tried actually to purchase and eat it because it is a convenient canned food that can be used as appetizer and accompanying rice, as a side dish for lunch box.

Toritama taste GF No. 3

This is Toratamata taste.

I do not have eggsYakitori grapeHow is it different? So, buy Yakitori sauce taste too.

The calorie of the taste sweet taste is 161 kcal. Because the Yakitori sauce taste is 134 kcal, the calorie is slightly higher than the normal version.

Raw materials such as chicken, quail egg, soy sauce, fermented seasoning etc.

We will open a turtle with quail eggs.

Inside is like this.

Comparing the Yakitori sauce taste and the grilled taste taste, it seems that there are many gaps in some way, but the solid content of the contents is both 60 g.

I tried it on a plate.

There are two quail eggs in the taste flavor taste. Of course you can eat as it is ... ...

Because it is troublesome, it warms up with a microwave oven. Please note that quail eggs may rupture when heated with a microwave oven.

When it gets warm, the jelly-like sauce melted and became liquid.

Because it is baked with charcoal fire, the chicken meat is baked baked.

There is no brown egg egg and it looks horrible.

When you try it, the taste of the sauce is fully contained in not only white matter but also to yolk. Sweet soy sauce Sauce and smooth yolk are matched well, and it is the best as a snack.

Of course chicken also has sweet soy sauce and it is tasty to relax. I feel the smell of charcoal faintly.

This is the taste that you want rice! So I will put it on rice and eat it.

It is OK even if you eat it as snacks, but quail eggs are tasteless enough so it is definitely delicious to eat it with warm rice and sauce.

The price of the taste flavor taste is 180 yen per tax.

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