Self-propelled robot "Beam +" capable of talking with the other party by remote control is accepted for reservation with an unexpected 100,000 yen level

"Beam +" is a robot that can be operated from a PC even if it is in a remote place, and can display the face of a person operating on a PC with a monitor.

The technology that gives the presence feeling as if it faces on the spot with a person in a remote place which is mounted on Beam +TelepresenceWhat is called. For robots equipped with this technology, "Double Telepresence RobotAlthough there are such things as price, it cost 2499 dollars 95 cents (about 262 thousand yen), etc. It was hard to get out at ordinary households. However,"Beam +"Is accepting reservations for 995 dollars (about 104,000 yen), and it is an unexpected price compared with other telepresence robots.

Suitable Technologies Beam Remote Presence System

Here is Beam +, with a 10 inch (about 25 cm) display that displays the face of the manipulating person on the body with wheels.

The total height of Beam + is 53 inches (about 1.35 meters), the width of the body part is 12 inches (about 30 centimeters)

You can check how you actually use Beam + from the following movie.

Introducing Beam + By Suitable Technologies - YouTube

My grandmother uses Beam + to talk to grandchildren. No matter how far you are, you can steer Beam + from a PC if you are in a place where you can connect to the Internet.

Beam + on the house.

The man who is steering Beam + is a man, and the tablet shows the images shot by the two cameras mounted on Beam +. The special software for manipulating Beam + corresponds to 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows 7/8 · Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard · OS X 10.7 Lion · OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion · OS X Mavericks.

Looking for something Beam +

A child came out from the back of the curtain. The man seems to have been playing hide-and-seeking with children using Beam + while staying in a remote place.

When use is completed, charge it by storing it in a dedicated charger. Beam + can communicate for 2 hours with full charge, it takes 4 hours to charge.

Beam + is usually accepting reservations for 1995 dollars (about 210,000 yen) at the first 1,000 units for only $ 995 (about 104,000 yen). If it sells and popularizes, it seems to be able to buy the same kind of robot at a price that cuts 100,000 yen.

2014/01/21 22:23 Addendum
According to Suitable Technologies, the developer / distributor of Beam +, shipping of Beam + to Japan is planned, but the fee for shipping is undecided. Also, buyers are responsible for tariffs imposed on importing to Japan.

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