Switch as much as you want · I can crackle as much as you want and can satisfy craving crab paste "Switch from Kaze! Kokoro Switch" Review

Appealing to human instincts "I want to touch!" "I want to crush!", The bubble wrap used for packingI made it possible to keep crushing infinitely "∞ (Mugen) bubble wrap"3,550,000 items were sold and became popular products, but in a similar concept, you can appeal to the instinct of human being "want to push the switch when you see it" and you can punch switch as many times as you like "Switch back and forth! Kokoro switch"is.

Gashapon "Switch with you! Kokoro switch"

This is "Switch it! Kokoro Switch". There are 12 kinds in all.

Kokoro switch will be sold as a 100 yen capsule toys from January 14 (Tuesday). In fact, the following leaflets are encapsulated originally.

Looking at the switches one at a time, the face is drawn on a square foundation, and the switch is the position of the nose. This kokoro switch is written "ON" and "OFF" above and below the switch.

It is about this size when placed on the hand.

A side view.

Behind the scenes.

In the chain is tagged as "Switch Kimochi!"

Let's actually push the switch.

Trying to switch from off to on, it was a two-step button that stops motion once when it is pressed about half way. In addition, from on to off can be pressed in one step.

It is like this if you push the switch completely into the "ON" direction.

Not only can it satisfy crackling feelings, but also by switching the various feelings by pushing the switch, we will look at all 12 kinds of switches. First of all, I like "I like" "Dislike" Pink Kokoro switch. It is tagged "Really??"

"Sharpness is important", "Fuel" "Yulu" switch to switch.

It's possible to switch between the two feelings of "fighting" and "obeying" on the face of the expression "Believe on yourself!"

Switching "crying" "laughing" Switch "It's okay." Switch.

"Angry !!" "Mami Ikka" switch of "End forgive me."

Since the letters are not written on the "wondering?" Switch of an expression that looks worried, it may be written by myself.

"Tell" for people in love "Tap for e-mail" switch is tagged with "Do you decide soon?"

"Balance." Switch that switches between "hurry!" And "calm down!"

I want to judge calmly "Advancement" "I am a." Switch. This is a tag with "Ali both in."

The switch with a tag tagged "I ate a while ago" also contains the words "diet" and powerful "eat!".

"Where is it?" Switch while leaving room to give up "abandoning".

When attached to a bag, it feels as follows.

It is OK even if you attach all the kokoro switches when you want to switch every kind of switch.


It is possible to press infinitely with crackling when it is out of hand like a packing material that crushes closely. According to Mr. Mitsuo Inoka, professor emeritus at Tohoku University, "The hand is said to be the" second brain "and the wide part of the brain is activated when you move your hand," When you get lost thinking about a certain problem, There is also the possibility of stimulating the primitive instinct by doing related manipulation, switching the switch at the same time, making deeper decisions and judgments ".

"Switch with me! KOKORO switch" is also the first step to make it impossible to finish what you decided just by your mouth, but even when you can not do it, when you want to snooch in your bag and want to crackle asexually It was an item that could satisfy crabpit feeling on the spot.

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