It is easy to get into a deep sleep · A device that makes it easy to wake up and obtain a high quality sleep "Withings Aura"

In order to maintain healthNeed high quality sleepHowever, it seems that she is taking a sleep and actually she is not sleeping well, and sometimes I am tired from day to day. "Withings AuraIs a smart scale that can automatically record data on the net to keep healthy diet "Withings WS-50I am makingWithingsIt is a product released with lights and music to make it easy to get into a deep sleep at night, make it easy to wake up in the morning, and use a sensor to record detailed sleep cycles of the user so that you can get a good sleep I will.

Withings Aura

Withings Aura uses light, sound, and science to help you sleep better (hands-on) | The Verge

Withings Aura uses a set of three devices: a body device placed on the bed site, a sleep sensor slid under the mattress, and an application to record the sleep.

The multicolor LED light on the main unit glows blue when the wake-up time approaches, and creates a user-friendly environment.

Also, when introducing sleep, it lights up in red to make it easy to fall asleep, and it is also possible to choose other oranges, purple and others. In addition, you can set the time on the main device by setting the time from the smartphone.

The application wirelessly connects with the device / sensor, visualize the sleeping environment recorded by the main body device, the body movement / respiration cycle recorded by the sleep sensor, the heart rate, etc. so that the daily sleeping environments can be compared I will. On the screen below, the sleeping time of last night is shown as 7 hours 53 minutes, the sleeping program is set to "Blue Moon" and the wakeup program is set at "7 o'clock".

Overnight REM sleep time and timing · Time and timing of deep sleep are also recorded in detail.

The main device records the user's sleeping environment such as noise, room temperature, brightness and provides light suitable for hormone and melatonin secretion according to the cycle of sleep. It also plays music that will make you relax and get into a deep sleep.

Writing changes as the sleep becomes shallow ... ...

Two people get up and get up in the morning.

Take a shower ......



Men go to work.

Following men, women also go to work by car.

I will do my job well.

Take a break ...

I got to work again.

In the evening I will go back to work place.

Jogging after work.

Men also finished their work and are in motion.

After going home, I enjoy the time of two people.

And two people collapsed into bed.

I will hold hands.

I went back to my dream again.

And to help heal the tired body, Withings Aura provides an optimized sleep.

The application will be available on both iOS and Android, and the price is $ 299 (about 31,000 yen).

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