Twitter is considering introducing a feature that can edit tweets later


It turned out that Twitter is considering introducing a function that can edit after tweets already posted only for a certain period later. However, according to the leak information, there seems to be a certain restriction on the contents of editing / modification.

Exclusive: Twitter working on "edit" feature for tweets | The Desk

The DeskI got leak information from Twitter officials that "Twitter now started testing for the introduction of a new function to edit tweets after a certain period". According to the official, Twitter said that "Tweet's post-editing function" was the top priority over the past few months. It seems that the introduction of the new function is about to finish.

According to sources, this editing function allows you to modify, add, or delete words and grammar only for a certain period of time as you have already posted tweets, and the edited content will also be reflected in tweets of retweeted others And that. However, Twitter seems to be a policy that does not allow full modification / modification that would make the contents of the tweet far apart from the original posting. This is because, for example, we assume a malicious usage such as tweeting the news that attracts the eyes, making many retweets, then exploiting the editing function and replacing it with advertisement / advertisement tweets.

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Within Twitter, we are still studying how long it can be edited and what degree of editing / modification should be allowed, according to sources, Twitter is developing a new algorithm for the newly introduced editing function about. When this algorithm works, it seems to be able to detect whether the content edited by the user remains a trivial modification, and the algorithm is scheduled to be completed within a few months at the latest.

The troubles that the tweet of the wrong contents diffuses often occur all over the world, and sometimes it can lead to a big social problem such as a demonstration. Therefore, being able to correct tweets with wrong content was a big issue for Twitter. The newly introduced post-editing function plays a role in correcting tweets with this wrong content. However, if the person who read a tweet tweets the contents by manual input, it is not perfect because the correction function does not work.

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According to sources, Twitter is in the middle of being recruiting tweets' post-editing test partner from limited external organizations such as news organizations and public institutions, depending on the test results, It might be possible to use this new function.

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