Unification of standards of AC adapter is in progress so that all laptops can be charged


There are various types of output terminals of the AC adapter for notebook PCs, and there are cases where the output terminal can not be used unless it is suitable for the model. International standardization organizationInternational Electrotechnical Commission(IEC) seems to seek standardization of standards so that all notebook PCs can be charged with a single adapter.

One charger to power nearly every laptop coming from standards group | Ars Technica

Currently, most mobile devices other than Apple's iPhone and iPad can charge a terminal from the microUSB terminal, so you can charge multiple terminals with a single charging adapter. However, in the case of a notebook PC, there are multiple output terminals such as DC16 V, DC 19 V, DC 19.5 V, DC 20 V, etc. There are slight differences in thickness, so when disposing the PC, even if the AC adapter is still usable There are cases where it is discarded in the case, and the amount discarded exceeds 500,000 tons annually. IEC seems to want to reduce this large amount of waste by standardizing the adapter standard.

Detailed technical specification of the standard power supply adapter standard for notebook PC is to be released in the beginning of FY 2014, and its connector and plug part, furthermore to various aspects such as safety, interoperability, performance, environmental consideration Specifications are to be decided with consideration. "Although it seems that Apple will continue to use its own MagSafe power adapter, this standard will hopefully be adopted by top vendors such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer," IEC expects .

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It is IEC that decided microUSB which is currently widespread in smartphones as the power supply standard for smartphones. Like the smart phone, will standardization waves come to the notebook PC adapter?

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