Money set "Rare Elements" representing the fantasy world "fire · water · earth, wind · magic · hour"

In the world currency unit of RPG,Dragon QuestIn the series "gold",Final FantasyThe series is "Gill",Tales ofThe series has "Gard"Although virtual units called" virtual units "are used, the currency set which actually designed the currency that is likely to be used in such fantasy or RPG world is"Rare Elements"is.

Rare Elements - Elemental Fantasy Currency Set - Relaunch! By Osborne Coinage - Kickstarter

This is all six types of money set "Rare Elements" that seems to be used in the world of RPG. It is a fantasy item that imagines RPG play more realistically.

Original one is designed one by one.

Coins are created based on the illustration drawn by the team's designer.

A coin like a 5-yen coin with a hole.

It is produced by collaboration between designers and sculptors.

How to make it, I cut out a solid golden round ... ...

We throw it into a lot of pachinko balls and polish the surface.

Cut the mold according to the size of the coin ......

I will carve fantasy patterns with hand carving.

When the sculpture is over, if you put the mold in the furnace and heat it ......

The temperature rose to 1500 degrees and turned red.

Completion of mold after cooling with water and solidification.

The finish is like this.

A scene changed, a thing like a lid with a handle appeared.

When pulled up, it was a manufacturing type of coins with holes.

Polished politely with sandpaper. Everything is made fancy.

"The beginning of adventure"

"A lot of trials to wait for"



"Even if you get caught in the middle of an adventure ..."

"We are hoping that you will have the glory and treasures that you can not possibly hold," the movie has been closed.

Each side of the coin is engraved with numbers representing units.

Unit, material and size are "100(Western white") = 1.540 inches (3.9116 cm),"50(Manufactured by brass) "= 1.340 inch (3.4036 cm),"20(Brass and western whitebimetal") = 1.073 inch (2.72542 cm),"Ten(Manufactured by brass) "= 1.073 inch (2.72542 cm),"Five(Made of galvanized copper) "= 0.984 inch (2.49936 cm),"1(Made in brass) "= 0.984 inch (2.49936 cm) has become.

The element of "100 coins" is FIRE

The element of "50 coins" is WATER (water)

Element of "20 coins" is EARTH (earth)

The element of "5 coins" is MAGIC (magic)

The element of "1 coin" is TIME (hour). An adventurer seems to bring it all together through a strap.

"Rare Elements" is a 60 yen (about 6000 yen) contribution in the Kickstarter campaign, it is a total of 6 of 100 coins 2 + 50 coins + 5 coins 5 + 10 coins + 5 coins 15 + 1 coins 25 One set of 60 species sets total can be obtained

Also, you can add coin accessories as an add-on, which is a +10 dollar (about 1000 yen) bezel with key ring.

Fire dragon key chain of +15 dollars (about 1500 yen).

You can get a colored fire coin for +25 dollars (about 2500 yen).

Besides, you can get 6 types of coin stands for + 5 dollars (about 500 yen), and sterling silver fire dragon coins for +60 dollars (about 6000 yen), and you can also add each coin number .

In addition, shipping is scheduled for January 2014, shipping to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 15 (about 1500 yen). The deadline is Japan time and it is until 7:52 am on Friday 20th December 2013.

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