What is going on while a person is dreaming and what is the power hidden in dreams?

ByMo Riza

People dream while sleeping, but it is said that there are many things that have not been clarified yet for details. It tells us what the dreaming mechanism is like, what is happening, and what kind of power is hidden in the dream that the subconscious mind of itself appears "Facts You Did not Know About Your Dreams"is.

Facts You Did not Know About Your Dreams - YouTube

Any of us ......

I will dream while I am asleep.

But half of the dream I saw ......

I will be forgotten within five minutes after my dream has ended.

And after ten minutes, 90% of the content is forgotten.

I have seen "a falling dream" ... ...

It is a dream I am watching at the first stage of sleep.

But dark dreamsREM sleepIt will appear at the stage of.

REM sleep generally appears 90 minutes after sleep.

Meanwhile, the tension of the muscles in the body is almost eliminated.

The body is a kind of "paralysis"

Many people dream four to seven times while sleeping.

Animals will also move in a dream when they dream.

This dog is "ugg".A dog that awakens as if it was suffering from a nightmareThere is also.

The opponent appearing in the dream that men are seeing ......

About men.

And while the men sleep ... ....

Up to 20 timeserectionIt is happening.

There are many characters in my dream.

It is all the people you have ever met.

Many of the discoveries of mankind ... ...

There are many things brought about by dreams.

Russian scientists,Dmitry MendeleevThe Periodic Table of Elements Created by.

American inventor,Elias HoweIt is said that we developed a practical sewing machine for the first time based on the sight we saw in our dream.

There are various opinions, but American scientists,James WatsonOf DNADuplex structureIt is said that it was also a dream that clarified the problem.

Former Beatles Paul McCartneyYesterdayIt was also a phrase that appeared in my dream that became a catalyst to compose.

And with Google Mr. Sergei Brin founded GoogleLarry PageThere seems to be an episode that Mr. in the dream that Mr. got the first idea.

Mr. Paige told that at the Michigan college graduation memorial speech as follows. "When you are 23 years old (1996), I am a member of the" Web "(1996), when I was 23 years old (1996), when I was 23, when I woke up with a crisp dream at midnight suddenly woke up and woke up, I downloaded all of the above and can save the link .... "I woke up looking at my dream, to take the pen right away and export the details to the memo until morning comes and it will finally work I have confirmed that "lecture contents can be confirmed from the following.

Larry Page's University of Michigan commencement address - YouTube

Google, which is said to have started with such a dream, is now a company with a market capitalization of $ 200 billion (about 20 trillion yen). The market capitalization at the time of article writing isApproximately 35 trillion yen.

A movie ended with "Let's dream"

It seems that mysterious power is kept secret, such as unconscious psychological state appears in dreams. By analyzing what kind of dream you are seeing, there is also the possibility that facts that you did not notice could be revealed,Items for recording and analyzing dreamsThere are also many developed now.

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