Light system that lightens the periphery of the display and drastically reduces fatigue of the eye "Lightpack"

If you continue watching TV or PC for a long time, you may feel exhausted by your eyes. If you wear eyeglasses that cut blue lights, you can reduce eye fatigue somewhat, but some people do not use dedicated eyeglasses for reasons such as you can not like the sense you put on. "LightpackIs a product that reduces fatigue of eyes when the device set on the back of the TV looks at the display in an entirely new way that it analyzes the light on the display and lightens the surroundings of the TV with the proper light is.

Lightpack - ambient backlight for your displays by Woodenshark

You can check what Lightpack is like from the movie below.

Final-cut-3-RU-on - YouTube

This is Lightpack body.

Lightpack has 10 LED-equipped cables.

To use Lightpack, set the main unit on the back of the TV and connect it with a PC with dedicated software with a USB cable.

Next, set the LED connected to the Lightpack main unit around the back, setting is completed. It takes 15 minutes for Lightpack to set the time.

When it is actually used, it will illuminate the surroundings of the TV with light matching the color on the display.

Even when there are multiple colors on the display, adjust the color finely.

Lightpack properly reads dark and light parts and changes light.

Yellowish color is like this.

Dimmer blue light when the display is dark.

This is where I am playing the game.

There is no problem even if there are many color schemes like animation.

If you use Lightpack, you can reduce the fatigue of your eyes and enjoy the production of light full of presence.

With dedicated software required to use Lightpack, it is possible to save detailed color settings as favorites. However, the creator of Lightpack is aimed at reducing eye fatigue to the last, we do not recommend to adjust the light to increase the power of the image.

There is also a dedicated application that adjusts colors, etc. on smartphones and tablets.

When the brightness of the display sharply changes, the iris which changes the size according to the intensity of light will be forced to move excessively. When the light of the display changes like a light scene to a dark scene, and once again a bright scene, the iris adjusts its size by taking about 3 minutes 5 seconds.

With Lightpack, it will make it even light even in dark scenes, so the eyes need not change the size to its maximum. Therefore, the movement of the black eye is reduced, the time to adjust the size is shortened by about 2 minutes, and the fatigue of the eye is drastically reduced.

Lightpack is the perfect product for people who use PC or TV for a long time, darken the room when watching movies or playing games. On the official website of Lightpack, we are currently out of stock and only accept reservations.

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