What is the identity of the THX logo "Bounceun" that flows before movie screening?

THXIs a company that conducts quality checks on software such as DVDs from movie theaters and household AV playback equipment and is permitted to credit the THX mark for things that have cleared the provisions of THX. When watching a movie at a movie theater, a DVD, a Blu-ray Disc, etc., THX's logo was projected before the work began and even a person who did not know THX saw the electronic sound "BUUNNUN" flowing If you have a thing you should have seen it once.

However, it is said that the electronic sound flowing with the THX logo is not well known, and its identityMusic ThingI am clarifying. Also, as THX logo that flows before the screening of movie works has various versions, I tried to summarize some of the things that are being published.

Music Thing: TINY MUSIC MAKERS: Pt 3: The THX Sound

The electronic sound that flows before the work is screened at the movie theater is "Deep notePeople who do not know well under the name of "can be confirmed from the following.

THX Sound Effect - Deep Note - YouTube

Deep notes,Lucas filmAnd the late Steve Jobs was foundedNeXTIt was created in 1982 by Mr. James Moorer having a career working in.

On the Internet rumors such as "deep notes were made with Yamaha's CS-80" are flaring, and it is a state where I do not know what information is true. So, let's check with yourself that Music Thing sent an e-mail to Moorer asking "Deep Note Creation Process". As a result, Mr. Moorer himself replied and gave a polite answer as to how the deep note was created.

Moorer said, "When I was enrolled in the Lucasfilm audio group, Lucasfilm developed a THX sound system logo that I just developed as a movie"Star Wars Episode 6 / Jedi's ReturnIt was planned to be inserted before screening. I received a request from the producer of THX to make music to be played along with the logo, "he told me about the development secret story of Deep Note.

ByUnicorns in my garden

The contents of the request by the producer was "It is quiet at the beginning of the song, gradually grows and eventually becomes a banging sound." Moorer started with incorporating the music program of the synthesizer that digitized cello's sound into the just-developed audio processor "ASP (Audio Signal Processor)" at that time. Next, it creates a score composed of C program containing about 20,000 lines of code, and randomly tries to play free game, which leads to completion of deep note.


Finally, at the premiere preview of "Star Wars Episode 6 / Return of the Jedi", "Deep Note" created by Mr. Moorer will be performed successfully. However, there was a situation where the staff lost the original sound source of the deep note. Mr. Moorer creates a deep note again, but since he adjusted the frequency randomly when making the original, he complained that "different sounds will be heard" from the surroundings. After that, Moorer himself discovered the original sound source, it seems that it did not become extraordinary.

In addition, the original deep notes can be confirmed from the following.

THX Deep Note - original uncompressed audio - YouTube

American popular TV animation series "The Simpsons"Received permission to create a THX parody, actually broadcasting.

THX Simpson in [HQ] - YouTube

The Simpson family waiting for the screening of the work inside the hall.

The THX logo was displayed on the screen, and the deep note began to flow.

As the sound gradually grows, the whole movie theater begins to shake.

A banging sound that the head bounced off.

The audience is delighted.

Eve grandfather was shouting "Turn up the volume more!"

There are various versions of the THX logo displayed before the movie screening, so I tried collecting things I saw before and nothing.

This is a glass of crushed material becomes water and recrystallize, Terminator 2T-1000THX logo like "Cavalcade"version.

THX Cavalcade FULL HD 1080p - YouTube

The scary thunderous earth is projected in the center of the screen ... ...

Sudden explosion.

Broken fragments of the Earth are scattered on the ground.

Part of the earth gathers as water ... ...

As the thunder falls it rises up. Deep notes will begin to hear from around here.

Recrystallized water gradually forms letters ......

Finally the completion of the logo.

"Amazing Life"Version has contents that CG plants play sounds like instruments.

THX Amazing Life FullHD 1080p - YouTube

A flower making a sound "fur".

You hear the sound "Buo" from this plant.

Tree treating the sound "rattling" while shaking the leaves.

Petal flowers like dragonfly feathers are also making noise.

Sounds from white mushrooms are "Don Don" and a sound like a drum.

At the same time as the world in which many plants are playing is displayed, deep notes begin to flow ...

The camera gradually draws.

Finally, THX logo of a slightly different version than usual is completed.

This is the "THX held"THX Trailer ContestOne of the works that won "THX Audience"

THX Audience - YouTube

Spectators arriving at the table.

As usual THX's logo is displayed on the screen, deep notes begin to flow, and the screening starts.

Suddenly a black spot spread on the screen and the deep note stopped halfway.

A disgruntled audience.

Then you hear a sound like a deep note from somewhere.

The identity of the sound was a man's humming.

The woman next door started humming ... ...

All the spectators will play deep notes with humming songs.

Due to the deep note played by the audience, the popcorn shakes and rattles ... ...

THX's logo is Dawn

I received "THX game certification" in 2005, Software for PlayStation 2 "Soul Calibur III"The opening of Namco released in 1981"Gallaga"THX game custom movies that incorporate deep notes are recorded.

THX - Soul Calibur 3 - Intro (HD 1080p) - YouTube

Gallaga gathering with Walla Walla from the outside of the screen.

Fighter operated by the player also appeared from the bottom while Gallaga is forming a formation.

Galaga and players are ready and the game starts.

A fighter that shrinks the aircraft and prepares for launch preparation.

Move to the right and fire!

I hit it perfectly.

When the fighter returns to the center and is preparing for launching, the deep note starts to flow ......

A red character appears from the bottom of the screen towards the top.

The THX logo was displayed with familiar sounds.

Development of Deep Note If you keep in mind that there are versatile versions of privacy and THX logo and watching movies, it seems like you can enjoy a different movie than usual ... but recentlyDolby DigitalThere are also movies that do not show the logo, so if you can hear the THX deep notes in it, it might be lucky.

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