As if a flock of elephants is playing "Zarathustra talks about" Introductory movie movie

Although it may not come with a pin in the title of a song, "Zaratustra talks" is a symphonic poem by R. Strauss famous as the opening theme song of the movie "2001 Space Journey". The grand entrance with organ and trumpet is characteristic, according to Wikipedia "During the LP record era, the recording engineer was known as a crying song, while an excellent recording board was often used for demonstration of audio equipment"That's right.

A band is playing this song, but it is a bit of a italy which the trumpet can hear only as an elephant's cry. Why is this ... ....

Details are as below.
First of all, from the real name "Zarathustra is talking".
YouTube - 2001 A Space Odyssey Opening

And this is the problem "Zarathustra talks". As soon as something is wrong at the beginning of the game you will find out.
YouTube - Portsmouth Sinfonia: "Also sprach Zarathustra"

this is"Portsmouth Symphony OrchestraWhat the Orchestra played. Although a good name is attached, the actual situation is an amateur orchestra formed in 1970 at Portsmouth Art School in Portsmouth, England. There is a hen rule on this band that the performer is not a musician, if a musician is a musician it has never done before, it was originally planned as a one-time performance However, it seems that it became a little social phenomenon for about 10 years until the final performance in 1979, expanding the range of concerts, records, and even movies.

Classical medley played by the orchestra. This is also hidden.

YouTube - Classical Muddley - The Portsmouth Sinfonia

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