Paul McCartney announces the production of 'Beatles' new song', extracts John Lennon's voice with AI and produces incomplete 'Now and Then'

Paul McCartney of the legendary rock band 'Beatles' announced the completion of 'the final Beatles record'. It is said that 'John Lennon's voice extracted by AI' was used for music production.

Mr. McCartney appeared on the BBC radio program 'Today' on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 and revealed that he was working on the Beatles' music production. The song, which McCartney describes as 'the Beatles' last record,' has already been completed and is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

The idea of extracting John Lennon's voice with AI was adopted in Peter Jackson's documentary movie ' The Beatles: Get Back ' released in 2021. , extracting the voice part'. Mr. McCartney said, ``He (Jackson) was able to extract John's voice from an old cassette tape. 'We were able to use AI to extract John's voice from his demos when making the last Beatles record.'

After John Lennon passed away, the Beatles proceeded with music production based on 'John Lennon's demo tape' owned by Yoko Ono, and in 1995 'Free as a Bird', in 1996 ' Real Love” has been released. 'John Lennon's Demo Tape' includes two songs released under the name of The Beatles, as well as 'Grow Old With Me' and 'Now and Then', 'Grow Old With Me' released by Yoko. I was. However, only 'Now and Then' has not been released at the time of article creation.

Mr. McCartney has not revealed the song title of 'The Beatles' last record', but it seems likely that 'Now and Then' was produced based on the above circumstances.

In addition, the voice of 'Today' in which Mr. McCartney appeared is available for a limited time at the following link.

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