The web browser "Safari" was originally planned to be "Freedom"

Apple's web browser "Safari"And the rendering engine"WebKitMr. Don Melton who was in charge of development such as "Safari" revealed why the name "Safari" was born. It seems that he was not present at the moment the name was decided, but when I was talking with Steve Jobs and others before that,FreedomIt seems that the name "powerful" was effective.

When I first heard the name "Safari"

A story about ten years ago when Apple 's "Secret Web Browser Development Team" became the "Safari" team. It was from a time when there was no grace until a product debut on January 7, 2003. Melton was not present at that moment when the name of the web browser decided to be "Safari", but Mr. Melton joined the discussion that was held several times before that.

Mr. Melton remembered that Steve Jobs made a couple of names of web browsers at this time though in the summer of 2002 it was decided to release this web browser at the end of 2002 It is said that it is. This is probably Melton's guessing that Mr. Jobs had ascertained what it feels like by talking about his name and hearing it.

Although I can not remember all of the names at this time, Mr. Melton's head strongly left the name "Freedom". For a while, this provisional name "Freedom" was honored, but it seems that Mr. Jobs liked it because it was rather popular as well as reminiscent of freedom from Microsoft and Internet Explorer.

However, Mr. Melton says he thought that "Do not name such a sanitary item for women." This is a manufacturer of sanitary boxes installed in toilets and "Freedom HygieneBecause there is.

The same thing seemed to be felt by members other than Mr. Melton, soon "Freedom" disappeared from the candidate name list. It seems that Meruton himself suggested something that the names that appeared in the discussion after that were terrible, but it seems that everyone has erased them from their memory.

The development team had been promoting as internal name "Alexander" for over a year. Everyone at the team did not care about the product name, but as soon as the release comes close to it, you have to include the official name, so you came to care and it seems that the name "iBrowse" came out as well. Although it seems that it is not certain even whether this was from within the team, Melton says after having troubled because it is necessary to have an official name anyhow, "Mr. Melton received a message from Scott Forstall now "It seems to be OK with" iBrowse ", I answered. This was a sign of intention to not think any further with name problem and it was also a means to put together the development team.

The final name naturally did not become "iBrowse". According to Mr. Melton, when I went to an in-house cafeteria in the second week of December, Mr. Kurt Knight, a marketing product manager, came up with "My name was decided!" And taught me it is "Safari" That's right.

Mr. Melton thought that it was a name that did not fit much at the beginning, but when he got used to it gradually, he returned to the office and he liked the name. Even when telling the name to the development team, I could be certain that I would definitely like them, indeed, there was no need to bother to convince me.

Mr. Melton says he wants to thank those who proposed the name "Safari" although there were various circumstances.

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