A movie that understands the difference between the world seen with cats, dogs, birds, snakes, fly, sharks, and fish and the world seen with human eyes

Because the structure of eyes varies depending on the type of animals, even if you are watching the same place, you will see a world completely different from humans. It is difficult to imagine a world without color vision or a world where invisible rays such as ultraviolet rays are visible, but animals such as dogs, cats, birds, rats, snakes, flies, sharks, and fish that are different from such humans A movie that reproduces the world we are seeing is "How Animals See The World"is.

How Animals See The World - YouTube

◆ Dogs:Brown, yellow, blue are visible, peripheral vision is wide.

The human world is on the left side, the dog world on the right side. The dog's world is composed entirely of blueish green and the color of the red plant is not visible.

There seems to be little difference between blanket and ground color.

◆ Cat:Brown, yellow and blue are visible, have an "eyelid" that is the inner eyelid protecting the eyeball.

When my eyes were moved, my eyebrows came out.

The peripheral vision of the human and cat world is about the same. Since the visible pigment is the same as the dog, it shows the world that closely resembles the dog's world.

Sharpen your nails to the place you jumped off the piano.

Bird: I see ultraviolet rays.

Compared with the human world, the color looks the same, but in the world of birds the center is like a fisheye lens.

This is because the muscles of the eyes are concentrated in certain places.

◆ Flies:Compound eyes of hundreds of thousands of tiny lenses, ultraviolet rays visible, slow motion.

As you move your line of sight it will flow like frame advance. Like the birds, the fly's vision is like a fish-eye lens in the center, and the color is purple-red as a whole.

When it got up, it got brighter to focus on it. You can see the reason why you can escape with flies.

◆ Snake:Even at night it looks like a thermography by sensing heat.

It is pitch dark in the human world, but the snake is grasping the shape of grass etc in a purple-like view ... ...

You can see that it is as if it looks like daytime even in pitch darkness.

◆ Shark:It looks clear underwater, does not have color.

Even though humans look up from underwater only the light of the sun is vaguely visible but sharks capture the man who swims firmly in the gray world.

◆ Fish:I see red, green and blue, have receptors that detect ultraviolet rays.

Compared to the sight of the human beings, it is entirely bent and curved from the center of the piano, and it is exactly a fisheye lens.

The part where ultraviolet rays are visible is reflected in green or blue.

Mouse:The two eyes independently have different viewpoints, slow motion, blurred vision, red color can not be seen.

A mouse with a face hanging out from a hole.

People who have found it will press closer to get rid of it with a border.

While paying attention to the feet of people who are patting up Hoki with the left eye, I pay attention to the person who is approaching with the right eye and behind it.

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