WFP · What is the cause of hunger in the world discussed by the UN Food Program?


In developed countries such as the United States, Japan, China etc. and in major powersIt is a problem that a large amount of food is wasted and discardedHowever, it is also true that there are people who suffer from hunger in the world. WFP (United Nations World Food Program) discusses what "hunger" happening in various parts of the world is caused by factors on the English version website.

What Causes Hunger? | WFP | United Nations World Food Program - Fighting Hunger Worldwide

Because there are various factors in the problem of starvation, it is difficult to mention all of them, but WFP is particularly problematic with the following six points.

◆ 1: Chain of poverty

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The problem that people receive due to poverty is not only that they can not take enough nutrition to live, but also that they can not make a "strong body" that is the capital to gain the money necessary to escape from that poverty But there are. This is a deep root problem, giving the fate that problems such as child malnutrition and poor development affect the future income and can not get out of poverty. We can not get the seeds of the crops and we can not raise the necessary food to feed our families. Without the tools necessary for harvesting, it is impossible to buy the fertilizer necessary for growth, and to acquire the land and water for agriculture and its knowledge as well. Poverty calls povertyChain of povertyIt is making people get out of poor condition.

◆ 2: Less of agricultural investment

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Many developing countries lack infrastructure as the foundation of agriculture such as roads, storage facilities and irrigation facilities. The resulting high transportation costs, poor storage methods, and unstable supply of agricultural water are affecting agricultural production capacity and food supply. This problem can be expected by raising funds for farmland management, water users, and development of highly resistant species,United Nations Food and Agriculture OrganizationThe survey shows that investment in agriculture is five times more effective than poverty countermeasure.

◆ 3: Climate · Weather


The number of natural disasters such as floods, tropical storms and droughts has shown an increasing trend and has a very significant impact on the problem of poverty in developing countries. Drought is a common factor in food shortages around the world. In 2011, problems caused by frequent drought in various parts of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya caused serious bad crop and lost lots of livestock, and similar problems in the Sahel region located in the southern edge of the Sahara desert in 2012 It is occurring. Climate change is a serious problem in many countries, erosion, salt watering of water resources, and desertification are widespread for cultivated land suitable for agriculture. In addition, deforestation by humans is also a catalyst to ruin the land that should have been suitable for cultivation.

◆ 4: War and residents who are chased by the land accordingly

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Collisions and conflicts lead to inhibition of agriculture and food production is a universal phenomenon in the world. Also, people who lose their lands lose their means of getting food and are in serious food shortage,SyriaIt is a remarkable example of the food shortage problem of refugees occurring in Japan. In war, it may be used as a strategy using food. By taking possession of agricultural land and attacking with military weapons, we adopt a tactic of lowering the strength of soldiers on the opposing side. Agricultural land is converted to a minefield, the water source is polluted, people are forced to abandon the land. The conflict occurring in Somalia and the Republic of Congo brings serious hunger to the citizens of both countries. Conversely, it is a contrasting example that the problem of starvation is being resolved in regions like the Ghana Republic and the Republic of Rwanda, which have become relatively peaceful.

◆ 5: Market price of unstable food

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In recent years, the cost of food production tends to become unstable. As food prices rise and fall violently, people poverty can not get food steadily. The volatility of price causes a situation that you have to rely on food with low nutritional value,Micronutrient deficiencyIt is leading to problems of malnutrition and malnutrition.

◆ 6: Balance of world food production


One third of the food produced (1.3 billion tons) has been disposed of without being consumed. This means that food disposal has lost the chance to improve food security that one in eight people in the world is hungry. It is also a problem that precious earth resources are spent to produce this unconsumed food. Every year, RussianVolga RiverThe same amount of water resources as the amount flowing to the lost are lost due to the production of useless food. Also, at the stage of its production, 330 million tons of greenhouse gases are generated and released into the air, causing major problems in climate change and future food problems.

It is important to help people who are in trouble with food in front of you. And more importantly, it can be said to break the negative chain by changing the mechanism of causing that poverty.


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