3D projection mapping and monkey shining "Kobe Iru Mineage" I have seen

Illuminations are actively performed in various places in Japan, but the illumination event "Illuminage" which is the largest in Kansai in Kobe and Osaka is being held, one of them "Kobe Il MineFor the first time in "3D projection mappingI watched it quickly as it is done.

Kobe Il Mine

The venue isKobe City Fruits · Flower Parkis.

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Arrived at the venue, the flower beds are shining with illumination.

At the entrance, Santa Claus and a snowman greet you.

Admission tickets are 1000 yen (tax included) for junior high school students.

A place immediately after entering "HIKARI's welcome station"Everything such as trees and fences are decorated with LEDs, tree nuts are also prepared and volume sense is increasing more than illumination of only small LED bulbs.

A street performer manipulating the glowing kend, the afterimage of the light is beautiful.

"HIKARI's Animal Land"Swans, dolphins, flamingos and other animals are exhibited.

The weather is stable on this day, it is totally windy, the surface of the water is like a mirror and the light of the object is reflected as it is.

"Blythe Garden of HIKARI"The light of the building is reflected to the pond cleanly to make it a fantastic atmosphere.

"Renaissance Park of HIKARI"You can look over a large venue, there were many people taking commemorative pictures with this scenery back.

"HIKARI's tunnelThe image of green and fruit.

The total length is 40 m, and various fruits are produced.

I usually go around the park as a bus, but Illumination time is fixed in this place.

Passengers were animals such as squirrels.

There is a carriage, although I want to take a commemorative photo by riding it can not ride.

Going to the hotel at the back of the hall there is an outlet shop and peeking inside ... ...

There was a sales section of the illumination.

Since the time of 3D projection mapping was approaching, as I was waiting seeing the wall of the hotel becoming the screen, a picture informing the other two minutes to the beginning appeared so wait still.

Kobe Illuminage 3D projection mapping digest - YouTube

Switching to the video of countdown from 10 seconds ago It was time to start, the plant monsters first appeared.

Parts will appear from one to the next and the building will build up.

When the building was completed, residents wearing Santa costumes appeared and danced a dance.

A part of the building moves according to the music, it is as if it is a gimmick music box.

I really do not get tired of watching the image that causes the illusion that the building collapsed.

"HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" You can also do graffiti.

Since Osaka "Aeno Tennoji Il Mineage" is also held at the same time as "Kobe Il Mine", it is a video of publicity.

When the airing is over and you are strolling through the venue,Hikari monkey showI found guidance, as I proceeded to the street as indicated by the arrow ... ...

I decided to take a tour as it is free of admission. "Be careful as monkeys that appeared today are ferocious at the estrus period."

Just before the start, smoke started to rise.

Fierce music flowed and it turned out to be flashy lights, and it was surprising that it was different from the beginning of the monkey show I had imagined ... ...

The lights all disappeared and the venue was completely black and dark, then the glowing object passed by the eyes.

When the lights are lit up again, monkey which is the identity of the light appeared.

Monkey who jumps over the hurd, hurd increases if you succeed.

Whether three or three challenges will arrive ......

Shrug body ... ....

I landed safely.

It seems I could afford it.

In the final stage I challenge a long distance jump from the end of the stage to the end.

Unfortunately it fails to reach the opposite stairs.

The second challenge, Sister Monkey's older sister also runs with spirit.

Jump strongly.

I got downside up, will it succeed?

It was a landing on the backstage, a step down the stairs as it was a success.

It was a dangerous challenge, but a facial expression.

Finally thank you and the monkey show is over.

As I head towards the exit, I have prepared a basket that accepts the change so I put in my heartfelt money and exit.

When going out again to the world of illumination.

A sunflower object.

A snowman is at home in a rest area.

As the closing time was approaching, I came back near the entrance ... ...

Without a prior notice, suddenly the power was turned off and the whole thing was dark, the children who enjoyed had begun to cry "with electricity".

The event name "Il Mineage"Is the illumination 'IllumiIn Italian "swim"Meaning"NurseIt was the coined word "light" swimming and swimming in that light It was an event as its name suggests. Although the admission fee is a little expensive as 1,000 yen (tax included), there are also monkey shows and other events that have content aside from illumination. The period is from November 1, 2013 to February 2, 2014 (Avenue · Tennoji Il Mineage is January 31, 2014).

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