"Tower of the Sun" Projection mapping is on the front and back, ramen EXPO also has great success

In OsakaWorld Expo ParkIt is inOkamoto TaroWorkTower of the Sun"Projection mapping is done from 12th December 2013 to 15th and 20th to 25th in 2013. This time, the back side of the sun's tower was also projection mapped, so we brought together a lot of event contents including simultaneous ramen EXPO, street squares, illuminations of Higashi Odori.

Illuminite Expo Xmas

Ramen EXPO 2013 in Expo Park

Arrived at Expo Park Japanese Garden Front Gate, there are also shops sold out at Ramen EXPO.

Arriving at the venue of the ramen EXPO, it will be behind the sun's tower.

When checking the venue map, there was a shop with paper stamped as sales ended.

Every shop is lined with many people waiting in order, and it is guided that you will be waiting two hours in a long place.

When I went to the sales floor to buy ramen tickets, there were too many customers and it was closed once. By looking at the situation and resuming it will give up and give up and head for the sun tower to see the projection mapping.

Go to the front of the sun's tower and you will see lots of people in the viewing area.

Screening will take place from 10:30 pm to 10:50 pm every 10 minutes. Even if you decide to watch from behind the viewing area, there is no problem as it can be seen without compromising its power without this big screen.

Solar Tower Projection Mapping 2013 - YouTube

After the countdown, the screening started, the sun tower turned around counterclockwise.

Rotate 90 degrees

Rotated 180 degrees, the face of the body representing the present and the face of the back representing the past overlapped.

A crack enters, the face crumbles and scatters.

This year's theme is "Colors"

Dolphins are swimming in the water.

Some audiences raise voice unexpectedly in the scene where the dolphins approach from the back to the front.

Multiple towers appeared with Japanese-style BGM and rotated.

A samurai with a sword appears ...

Break a sun tower.

Because it is cut, the top falls off.

The tower of the sun has become only the bottom.

Leaning tower of PisaAppeared.

Instruments move according to music.

An elephant that appears with a stamina, as much power as a child can hide behind his parents.

The elephant heads for us. Step by step The screen shakes every time the feet arrive at the ground, footsteps reverberate at the venue with heavy bass and it is a powerful full mark.

It is inside the sun towerTree of lifeWill be displayed.

Christmas decorations appear one after another ......

It changed into a Christmas cake.

Again again "ColorsAlthough I did not notice it during the airing, it became a fancy work as a work of art including a picture showing a person if it is made into a still picture.

The last production will be a fireworks display, the third time in 2013, the content will change every year, but the impression that the impression of the video and the content of the content are increasing with each successive time.

Observing from the side, you can see that the image of the projection mapping is projected according to the surface.

It is also possible to see from the sun's tower directly beneath it.

From afar it can be said that you can see and see nearly unknown small parts.

Projection mapping on the back. If you look closely, something like graffiti is displayed, and if you look for the thought as "You can draw freely somewhere in the venue ..."

The paintings drawn on the screen are said to be displayed in the sun's tower as it isMapping PuzzleI found a booth. First, I will draw a picture here.

When the picture is completed, it will move to the horizontal monitor next to it, and you will have to return the disjointed picture to the original like the puzzle game.

The appearance of solving the puzzle is also projected on the sun's tower in real time.

When it is completed perfectly, the picture of your drawing is displayed for 1 minute, and if it fails it is displayed for 30 seconds.

You can use the pattern on the back instead of an umbrella.

"Arima MemorialAs you can say.

There is everything. Since it is a popular corner and a numbered ticket is necessary, those who wish to draw a picture should arrive at the venue early and check the information.

We moved to the venue of ramen EXPO, and at 8 pm we still have a queue.

I was able to line up at the timing of the last minute when the ticket sales ended.

Tickets are 800 yen per sheet (tax included), it is also possible to purchase only 1 cup.

A phantom Chinese buckwheat noodle katoya prefectural government agency chapterofThoroughly aged oyster blackI decided to go side by side.

I wait for the wait for about 5 minutes, give me a ticket and wait for completion.

Suddenly I found a hero who waits for ramen while eating ramen.

While thinking that "What will happen if turns come around while eating ramen?" Ramen was completed. Since only disposable chopsticks are provided, those who want to scoop and drink soup should bring astragalus or a disposable spoon.

People waiting while eating ramen at the next shop carry the ramen on the tray.

Ramen was able to be eaten in the tent, pepper was placed on the table.

Thoroughly aged oyster blackTwo oysters are topped in black soup and the scent of oysters is quite strong.

Medium thin noodles specially prepared for ramen EXPO are mochi texture.

Menma is thick, about 8 mm thick, hidden kitchen knife is put and devised so that the soup will soak it well.

Hiroshima-made oysters are small in size and shrink further when heated, so they look lacking in volume, but when you try it you can taste the rich oyster flavor and eat meat firmly.

The black soup imagines a rich taste in its appearance, but as you drink it is rich and salty and there is not much saltiness and it is rich in oyster flavor and soy sauce, with the process of pickling oysters in high-end soy sauce as it is It is reduced to the taste.

We will return the eating dishes etc to the Eco Station. There is also a bucket that throws away the soup that you left off, so do not worry if you can not drink it all.

There are stalls in the square next to the ramen EXPO venue, so you can eat not only ramen, but also various foods such as B grade gourmet.

Child who jumps while screaming "scary scary"Air playground equipmentThere is also a large slide, etc., and it is a little amusement park.

At the end of the square there is a maze of illumination from the "START" point ......

You can enter inside.

There were many avenues of tree lanes and lights of the light of Higashi Odori, with couples and families taking a commemorative photo shoot.

Some objects like butterfly escape that the body part is too realistic and "bad feeling".

The mapping puzzle corner that can draw a picture on the back ended, but the works so far are displayed in order.

There was room to eat another but 21 o'clock of the event end time approached and the time has run out.

This time I was thinking mainly on viewing the projection mapping of the sun tower so I arrived at the venue around 18:30, but I regret that I should have brought the event earlier, such as simultaneous ramen EXPO and stall squares The fulfillment of. Ramen EXPO finished the first act on December 15th, but from December 20th to 25th it will be resumed after replacing the whole ramen shop as the second act together with "Illuminite Expo Xmas" So, it is recommended that those who are interested aim to see the site after considering the waiting order.

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