High-function alarm application "SHADOW" which can also record and analyze dreams

Dream analysis by Freud and JungAs the theory shows, it is said that the deep psychology of man appears in the dreams seen while sleeping. From a dreamVarious discoveries and inventionsIt is well known that birth was born, but in many cases dreams will happen and will soon be forgotten. Developed to make use of the power that such dream possesses is a high-function alarm application for smartphonesSHADOWis.

SHADOW | Community of Dreamers by hunter lee soik - Kickstarter

Features and functions of SHADOW are to be understood by seeing the following movies.

Humans have soon forgotten 95% of their dreams they saw during sleep.

However, many of the development of humanity is born from ideas in dreams.

I will send a probe to Mars ...

In the past, as the performance of the supercomputer grade is now embedded in the palm-sized microchip, the human race has developed.

Developer Hunter Lee Soik, who says, "An app trying to record and use such a dream is" SHADOW ".

To allow you to remember and remember your dreams efficiently, first of all let's move people slowly from sleep to waking (awake) with a step-up alarm.

Next, I will display a message saying that the application will remember my dream and record it. Both text and sound are possible for recording.

It is also possible to paste texts from audio and the net.

If the user allows it, the data will be sent to the cloud. It seems that there are plans to utilize it for dream research by analyzing the gathered big data.

We plan to develop applications for iOS version, Android version, Windows Phone version. When the investment reaches the desired amount, it is said that we will progress development one by one from the one with many applications. It seems to make effective use of limited development resources.

You can also see the concept movie on the SHADOW website.

SHADOW | Community of Dreamers

The dream I saw while I was asleep is that 95% of that dream will soon be forgotten.

SHADOW is an innovative alarm clock that will record such a dream and forget it.

A step-up type alarm makes it possible to smoothly transition from sleep to wakeup state.

It is also possible to record the contents of a dream by answering text, voice, or application questions.

Patterns will appear gradually. The longer you use it for a long time, the more accurate and realistic you will see.

It is also possible to touch the contents of the dreams the members saw in the community.

The word spread by John Lennon by Ono Yoko ended the movie with the phrase "dreams by themselves are just dreams, but the dreams they see are reality."

This application, which hunter calls "Smarter Smart Alarm", is currently on the cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. It is divided into five stages from "Friends Circle" of the investment amount of 8 dollars (about 790 yen) to "Platinum Circle" of 100 dollars (about 9800 yen), as the amount of investment increases, books about dreams, smartphone covers, special 3D model Benefits such as those will be added plus. In addition, the download start time will also change from December 2013 to April 2014 according to the contribution amount.

The deadline of investment is until 0:11 noon Sunday, November 3 (Japan Day).

SHADOW | Community of Dreamers by hunter lee soik - Kickstarter

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