Map showing the scene of a horror movie in one shot "The Geography of Horror"

ByG. A. Passache

Films are filmed in Hollywood and around the world, but services that can check where the film was shot in "horror movies" which is one of such genres of movies is "The Geography of Horror"is.

The Geography of Horror

To search for a horror film shooting stage, you can switch the horror movie display by age on the left tab of the screen. In addition, you can zoom in / out the map with "+" and "-" buttons located under "2000s", and you can return the map display place to the United States with "Home Mark".

A horror movie jacket is listed on the left side, and when clicked, a pin and a synopsis showing the shooting place are displayed on the map. In addition clicking "Details" under the outline ...

A detailed page opens, and you can check the link to each horror movie website from the bottom left.

Looking at "before the 1960s", "Frankenstein"Was screened in Switzerland,"Wolf Man'Is Swansea in the UK, in Paris'Phantom of the Opera"It is indicated by pin and number for each photographing location of a horror movie such as" It is. " In Japan somehow monster movie "Godzilla"Is listed.

It was remade many times later "Body / snatcher / town of fearIsSanta Maria (California)Is the stage and "Meat wax dollShot in New York.

Switching the age tab to the 1960's, "Rosemary babyThe stage of New York. Hitchcock's "Psycho"California state highway was used and said.

When I zoomed in around Japan, "Kaidan KWAIDAN"And Nagakawa Nobuo's"hell"Is filmed in the vicinity of Tokyo.

In the 1970s, in London "Omen"Was filmed, and a famous horror movie"exorcistWashington was the stage. Rather it seems that horror was popular in America in this era.

When I looked at the United States up,Devil sorrowfulOf course Texas is said to be the birthplace of a zombie movieGeorge A. RomeroDirector's "Zombie (Dawn of the Dead)The fear of 'was born in Philadelphia.

Switching in the 1980s, California's stateCuesta VerdeIn the town called "Poltergeist"A girl's horror film that can communicate with insects in Switzerland"Phenomena"Has been taken.

in Japan"AKIRASplatta movie that it was affected by "Tetsuo"Has been taken.

America in the 1990s was horrified, "Scream"Was filmed in Santa Rosa, California, near the Mexican borderQuentin TarantinoDirector's "From From Taskle Dawn",Tom CruiseStarring 'Interview · With · VampireShooting.

in JapanImperativeDirector's animated film "Perfect Blue", A fashionable"ringThis stage is also set in Tokyo.

Looking at the 2000s, the remake version of the ring in Seattle "The ringIs photographed and "Konstantin」Was born in Los Angeles, but in this time the horror movies in the United States had been burning down a little bit impression. In Japan, on the other hand, it is the age of photographing many horror movies.

Looking at Europe up, there are zombie comedy 's "Sean of the DeadStartedDanny BoyleDirector's "After 28 days ..."After 28 weeks ..."Zombie movies are popular. Also"Swinny Todd"Has also been filmed in London.

In the 2010s, movies have not been listed too much on the list yet. Recently screenedBrad PittStarring zombie movie "World War Z"Was filmed in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

The Geography of Horror was not only able to confirm the shooting location of a horror movie, it was also a service that perceived how the movie scene of each era could change.

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