"W3dt.net" that you can use 6 items collection of tools such as domain survey for free in the browser


There are many convenient things that can be used for free on the internet service, but it takes time and effort to go through the websites here and there. It is possible to use the 6 items collection of tools "domain type" "network type" "web / HTTP type" "database type" "auto generation type" "Ping type" on the browser that solves such a problem "W3dt.net"is.

W3dt.net - World Wid Web Domain Tools by ITOC Australia

To use the tool click "Start using w3dt".

Tools available on this site are categorized into six items: "DNS Tools" "Network / Internet Tools" "Web / HTTP Tools" "Database Lookups" "General Tools" "Ping Tools".

Seven types of domain search tool are set in "DNS Tools".

"DNS Lookup" inputs the domain to be searched and inputs the record type A tool that searches for the type of query set in the host.

"DNS Traversal" can search for domain traversal errors.

"DNS Blacklist Check (arbl)" that can check whether the domain is on the blacklist. I tried examining "gigazine.net" ... ....

The screen switches and displays search results. GIGAZINE was safe.

In "Network / Internet Tools" items there are 8 network search tools based on host name and IP address.

"Web / HTTP Tools" has 8 tools in total, such as "SSL Certificate Info" which searches SSL certificate information by inputting HTTP and URL.

There are six database system investigation tools such as "WhoIS Lookup" which examines who searches the domain, "Database Lookups" which inputs the manufacturer name and investigates the default password of network equipment etc.

"General Tools"ASCII codeThere are two types of tools to automatically generate character codes, and to convert IP addresses.

There are 4 kinds of Ping type tools in all.

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