Protein molecule model kit "SilMol-mini" outputted by 3D printer

As a tool to deepen intuitive understanding in the field of education and research,Stereoscopic model made of silicon which output complex structure of protein with 3D printerHas been produced. This time, a 4-million-fold scale protein molecule miniature model set outputted in full color with a 3D printer "SilMol-miniAs the sale of the product started, I borrowed it and looked at it thoroughly.

SilMol-mini 6 item set Type A | Studio MIDAS.Store!/items/51b89090a95dcbdf7200016a

SilMol-mini 6 Item Set Type B | StudioMIDAS.Store!/items/51b892aaa95dcbe8c400022f

That's why a molecular model set arrived.

Two pairs of wooden boxes are now appearing that allow the contents to be seen while being closed with transparent acrylic cladding from the inside.

I will open it. The wooden box is packed with cushioning material, and the lid is designed to be magnetized.

Since SilMol-mini is made of gypsum material, shock and moisture are strictly prohibited. Moreover, there is a fear of discoloration if it hits direct sunlight for a long time.

I tried opening both of them. There are boundaries that can be displayed with nails like an insect model, and there are six protein molecule models per box.

Taking a big one and a small one in hand will look like this. It is made of gypsum so it will break if you do not pay attention to handling.

When you take out "1u19", you can see that it is precisely made with small size, with color attached and hollow in it.

When approaching and looking at it, it feels like rough texture. The model set is co-developed with Professor Katsuke Kawakami of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, who is the inventor of protein molecular model.

SilMol-mini 6 item set Type A includes the following six.

Type B has 6 different molecular models.

In each frame, the seal above the model and the PDB number and details on the bottom is affixed.

◆ Type A 6 types photo review

"1 u 19" ... photoreceptor protein (GPCR) Is one ofRhodopsinGround condition of bovine

"1ais" ... DNA andTATA boxBinding, complex of protein and transcription initiation factor protein: hyperthermophilic archaea

"3 pqr" ... a state in which it has absorbed the light of rhodopsin and has changed into a shape capable of binding to G protein (activated state): bovine

"1hew" ... ...Lysozyme: Chicken egg white

"1 mbn" ...Myoglobin: Sperm whale

"3 vg 9" ... A2a adenosine receptor protein (human) and mouse antibody (part of Fab domain)

◆ Type B 6 species photo review

"2 cgu" ...Serine/Threonine/ Checkpoint 1 Kinase: human

"2hhb" ...hemoglobin(Deoxy type): human

"1 dfj" ...RNACleaving enzymeRibonuclease AAnd its inhibitory protein: cattle

"2 rh 1" ... inactivated state of adrenergic receptor protein (GPCR): bovine

"1bl8" ...... Potassium ion channel in closed state:Actinomycete

"2 ga 4" ...Vero toxin (Shiga toxin)Complex: Escherichia coli O157

The size of the wooden box is 170 × 130 × 50 mm, and the weight is also very light, so it seems that you can carry it unless you give a shock. In addition, this SilMol-mini will be held at Miraikan MiraikanScience Agora 2013It is planned to be exhibited at.

SilMol-mini 6 item set Type A · Type B is made assuming educational use, but anyone can purchase from the website of STUDIO MEDIAS produced. Price is 8400 yen for each tax included, extra shipping fee is required 750 yen.

SilMol-mini 6 item set Type A | Studio MIDAS.Store!/items/51b89090a95dcbdf7200016a

SilMol-mini 6 Item Set Type B | StudioMIDAS.Store!/items/51b892aaa95dcbe8c400022f

Female researchers at the drug discovery site also said that they wanted to use it as a strap or netsuke. Since it is easy to create model data using the PDB number, it might be interesting if you have a service that will let you strap your favorite molecular shape.

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