What will happen if you sell the work of "Banksy" whose wall paintings are bidding at about 100 million yen on the street at 6000 yen per point?

A prominent musician played the violin on the subway, the one who paid the most attention was a three year old boyAn article called 2007Washington PostIt was published in Japan, but with a similar concept to that, in June 2013$ 1.1 million (108 million yen)Mural paintings were awardedBanksyWhat will happen if you sell 's spray art on the street? The movie which I tried experimenting that is "Art Sale"is.

Art Sale - YouTube

The space next to the umbrella sells Banksy 's spray art.

11: 15. It is unmanned.

The work is sold at 6000 yen per point.

The passers-by does not look out and goes past the spray art.

Banksy is a masked artist whose profile is also enveloped in mystery, so Grandpa sitting on a stall is not Banksy.

12:30. My grandpa is greatly yawn because he is too busy.

I can not sell yet at 1 pm.

A price tag of 60 dollars (about 6000 yen) to be in vain.

1:30 PM. Grandpa, lunch.

A woman passing by will glimpse the spray art ... ...

It passes by without stopping.

2:30 PM. It is still unmanned.

Behind the stalls, the carriage for the tourists ran a round trip.

And at 3:30 p.m., my first sales. After the price was reduced to half price, women purchased a small canvas for children.

I will pack the work in a blue plastic bag.

When purchasing it left pretzel with one hand and left.

There are guests' appearance in front of the stalls.

A woman has a large canvas.

At 4 pm, a woman from New Zealand purchased two pieces.

I got stuffed in a blue bag and shook hands firmly.

A grandpa who expresses gratitude with a kiss.

In the afternoon, the roads throughout the road increased.

Grandpa who removes spray art from the fence with a blue shirt man order.

The man who purchased four works at 5:30 pm was decorating his house and was about to find something to decorate on the wall.

I can not fit into a bag, and I am holding some of it.

Hell, my grandfather shows gratitude.

The men left with a picture on both hands.

And ...

It is 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

The money received in one day was 420 dollars in total (about 41 thousand yen).

Banksy draws social satirical graffiti art and street art in a guerrilla manner around the world,Metropolitan Museum of ArtYaBritish MuseumIt was a topic that the exhibition of my work without permission in the hall such as the others continued being exhibited without being noticed by anyone for a while.

In addition, Banksy's work can be seen from the following website.

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